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Oscar Feldman – Gol 2017: Free download & Video

Oscar Feldman Gol – Latin Jazz Category

OSCAR FELDMAN alto and soprano sax
LEO GENOVESE piano, keyboards
JOHN BENITEZ acoustic and electric bass
GUILLERMO KLEIN vocals and keyboards

Free download

1 I Let A Song Go Out Of My Head
2 La Cancion Que Falta
3 Viva Belgrano
4 Murmillo
5 N.N.
6 Nobody’s Fault But My Own
7 Is That So
8 I Feel Fine

“Gol” is Feldman’s third recording as a leader and debut for Zoho featuring a strong cast: Leo Genovese on piano and keyboards, John Benitez on acoustic and …

The game cheers heard on “Viva Belgrano” echo those we encounter when the best musicians touch us with their passion, imagination and soul.
Bob Blumenthal

The music of GOL makes a strong argument also that Feldman is a terrific talent and deserves to be known alongside other great altos like Steve Coleman, Miguel Zenon, he is definitely in that class.

Feldman presents Gol, an eclectic blend of music covering the sounds of South America, Beck and The Beatles, all re-invented and revolving around his signature sound on alto and soprano saxophones. and aptly represents the cresting wave of contemporary saxophonists coming out of Latin America.

Especially on Gol… most of all you are seduced – sometimes to ecstasy and at other times virtually to tears – by the note itself, pregnant with intense emotion.
Raul D’Gama

Oscar has a strong music personality!
Lalo Schifrrin

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