May 24, 2024

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John Williams – Jazz Guitar 2017: Free download & Video

I have often been asked for the music of my transcriptions and original pieces and I have wondered how best to make them available. My main concern has been that for many people in the world published music has become too expensive to buy, even if one can find it.

The internet makes it possible for me to make available transcriptions and original pieces anywhere in the world and free of charge; of course the usual copyright laws – PRS/MCPS – apply to public performance, recording and transmission, but the sheet music for download from this site is free.

I am not seeking to replace published music in principal – printed editions still have unique qualities and in many cases are irreplaceable, especially in larger scores and commemorative editions: but solo guitar music seems to me ideally suited to being made available free on the internet.

Also on this site you will find: editorial contains an explanation of the general style chosen for notation. music contains the music! notes will include information on the music, and recordings will have a full list of all the recordings on my label, JCW Recordings.

I am very sorry that I do not have time to join in any discussion of questions that this site might raise, but I hope that its contents will be useful.

John Williams, London

  1. Fall Highway
  2. Santa Monica
  3. Lost You
  4. Kitchen Pass
  5. Late Night
  6. Blue Medium
  7. Beautiful
  8. Blues Old
  9. Slinky
  10. Friday Blues
  11. Influence
  12. What

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Influenced by Kenny Burrell, Wes, George Benson. Greasy, smokey, and funky instrumentals that swing.

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