May 28, 2024

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Scotty Wright is a veteran musician with over 30 years experience: Video

05.11. – Happy Birthday !!! Jazz vocalist Scotty Wright is a veteran musician with over 30 years experience. One can hear the entire spectrum of jazz singing in his performances.

With a warm, rich-toned voice and tremendous range, Scotty possesses a unique sound that is deeply rooted in the jazz tradition. His style reflects his harmonic sophistication, playful rhythmic approach and his insightful phrasing of the lyric.

His first recording, ‘Too Much Fun!’, was listed among the best jazz albums of the year in USA Today and the New York Daily News, earning Scotty a place in the DownBeat magazine’s critics’ poll, as a Talent Deserving Wider Recognition.

Scotty is an accomplished songwriter, with over seventy songs to his credit, covering a wide stylistic range: swing, ballads, blues and latin.

Scotty is also a pianist, and in his solo performances, the bass lines, counter- melodies and syncopated rhythms his fingers create swirl around his voice, as if dancing together.

In addition to having performed in 20 countries around the world, Scotty shares his passion and knowledge by teaching privately, presenting master classes, and writing for websites and magazines.

Awards: Talent Deserving Wider Recognition USA Today – Best Jazz Recordings of the Year.

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