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Steve Heckman & Matt Clark – Some Other Time – Slow Cafe 2017: Video

SOME OTHER TIME/SLOW CAFÉ is Steve Heckman’s 6th album to date, and the 5th album on which Steve collaborates with piano virtuoso Matt Clark.

These tracks, taken from 2 recording sessions, reflect perhaps the most intimate and reflective sides of Steve and Matt’s playing to date.

The additional space created by the absence of bass and drums sets the stage for creative explorations of mood and textural nuance which might not have been achieved in a standard quartet/quintet setting.

  1. Admiring-Lee (Instrumental) 5:36
  2. Ugly Beauty (Instrumental) 5:25
  3. Some Other Time (Instrumental) 9:38
  4. Get Happy (Instrumental) 5:01
  5. Foregone Conclusions (Instrumental) 3:03
  6. Jeannine (Instrumental) 7:59
  7. Theme for Ernie (Instrumental) 7:19
  8. I Should Care (Instrumental) 5:38
  9. Sheila’s Sunday Song (Instrumental) 5:20
  10. Is That So (Instrumental) 4:39
  11. The Peacocks (Instrumental) 8:59
  12. Slow Cafe (Instrumental) 9:07

Steve Heckman tenor & sopranao sax and flute
Matt Clark piano 

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