June 21, 2024


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A small Armenian writes and performs unique jazz compositions: Video

Elina Martirosyan is an Armenian miracle. From the age of 4 she creates new jazz standards and performs them on different musical instruments.

Elina was born in a family of musicians. From the first days of his life, jazz was played for him, and he liked it very much. He was 2 years old when he attended the presentation of The Shadow Theater’s album by the famous Armenian jazz musician Tigran Hamasyan.

Elina’s parents said that the child was delighted with this album. Later, he tried to reproduce tracks from the album on the piano and marimba. At the same time, Elina has always heard such great jazz musicians as Oskar Peterson, Bill Evans, Miles Davis and many other masters.

Then Elina wrote several jazz compositions, which she performed with her pianist father. Now parents are looking for financial resources to record the album, which will consist of Elina’s creations and speeches.

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