June 22, 2024


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The Chick Corea + Steve Gadd Band – Chinese Butterfly 2018: Free download & Video

Super-Pianist Chick Corea’s latest Fusion Band, along with Drummer legend Steve Gadd and Lionel Loueke (guitar), Steve Wilson (sax + flute), Carlitos Del Puerto (bass), and Luisito Quintero (percussion), has already presented live in Germany – the outstanding Ensemble.

On her first double album, there is both new Material from Corea’s feather as a title of a glorious Return-To-listen Forever-times. Terrific-made Fusion Jazz of the old school is alive and well, just like these two heroes of the genre.

  1. Chick’s Chums 09:23
  2. Serenity 06:39
  3. Like I Was Sayin’ 06:44
  4. A Spanish Song 08:51
  5. Chinese Butterfly 11:50
  6. Return To Forever 17:29
  7. Wake-Up Call 18:13
  8. Gadd-zooks 16:17

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