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John Savage continues his pursuit for playing a variety of music: Video

01.06. – Happy Birthday !!! John Savage has been playing saxophone since the age of 12. He has always had a love for music since he was a child which was apparent since he always carried around a toy guitar with him wherever he went.

“My biggest influence on me then was my uncle who played guitar and piano. I would listen to him play all the time. I was hooked immediately.”

After being exposed to jazz music in high school by his teacher Norman Clo, John decided to pursue a career in music and continued his education at the College of Saint Rose and began his studies with saxophonist Paul Evoskevich. After completing his degree (BS in Music Education), John returned home to Gloversville to start looking for a job and some gigs. During a three year period, he had the chance to play with Ben E. King, The Drifters, The Classics Four and formed the OverEasy Horns which played with local R&B band Cleen Street.

In 1995, John assumed the duties of instrumental music teacher at his alma mater, Gloversville High School. In December of 1998 he completed a MA in Jazz Studies from the College of Saint Rose.

John has been endeavoring to continue to study the saxophone and hone his composing and playing skills by delving into a variety of music from other cultures (Traditional Irish Music and Folk Music of other countries), trying to incorporate their rhythmic and melodic concepts into his songs and improvisations.

He has also been a student of incorporating wind synthesizers into his material and within the groups he regularly performs with, using this unique tool for melodic and improvisational opportunities. He first started playing wind synths in the late 1980’s, using all of the Yamaha WX series instruments (7, 11, and 5) with various sound modules and in 2007, started using the AKAI EWI 4000s exclusively at all of his performances. John has become an area resource for the history and uses of wind synthesizers and has given performance clinics regionally on the subject.

John continues his pursuit for playing a variety of music, dividing his time between his own band and subbing with various area bands as well as devoting time to his students, endeavoring to teach them to appreciate the beauty of the music they create in school on a daily basis.

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