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Diane Marino – Soul Serenade: The Gloria Lynne Project 2018: CD review and Video

Singer Diane Marino seeks to pay homage to a friend on “Soul Serenade – the Gloria Lynne Project.” The performer moves away from the piano to allow herself to concentrate on the singing duties on the album.

With the relatively large ensemble of musicians Marino has put together, classic songs come to life. From the sounds of things, it has worked out well for Marino to have focused on singing. “Soul Serenade” is a collection of 14 songs that find Marino and her ensemble playing with a buoyant vibe and energy. Two standout tracks from the release are “Somewhere in the Night” and “An Old-Fashioned Walk.”

The songs on the album were taught to Marino by Gloria Lynne. All 14 songs had been unknown to Marino prior to Lynne’s performances. Marino includes them all on the recording. But one listen to the recording shows that Marino has done all the homework to make her dreams for the album come true.

With an arranger, a solid ensemble that consists of two basses, two violins, cello, bassoon and multiple guitars, trumpet, and trombone, and an array of saxophones, Marino puts her own spin on things.

Gloria Lynne’s life and musical career are worth celebrating. Born just days before the Great Depression, Lynne’s recording and performing career spanned almost a lifetime. From 1958 to 2007, Lynne made an impact on the worlds of jazz and r&b. She earned accolades from jazz and r&b organizations. She passed away in 2013 at age 83.

Dodie Miller-Gould

  1. Somewhere In The Night (4:35)
  2. Nothing Ever Changes My Love For You (5:00)
  3. Soul Serenade (4:33)
  4. For You (3:30)
  5. Blue Gardenia (5:06)
  6. The Jazz In You (5:31)
  7. Happy Shoes (4:33)
  8. Sweet Pumpkin (3:49)
  9. Out Of This World (4:05)
  10. Speaking Of Happiness (3:52)
  11. That’s No Joke (4:08)
  12. He Needs Me (4:56)
  13. Let’s Take An Old Fashioned Walk (3:27)
  14. Serenade In Blue (6:13)

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