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Ernesto Cortazar Lara is a world-class guitarist, a professional musician: Video

15.09. – Happy Birthday !!! Ernesto Cortazar Lara was born in Mexico City where he began his fascination with the guitar as a young child. By the age of ten he was playing and learning to master his instrument.

He is mainly a self taught guitarist, although when he was fourteen he began three years of study at the Conservatory of Mexico.

At age of 17 Ernesto start to record Albums with different Musicians like: Enrique Neri, Waldo Madera, Etc.

At age 13 Ernesto play his first massive concert in Mexico city at the Palacio de los Deportes in from of 20,000 people.

As an adult he lived for a while in New York City and studied with some of the greatest players that call that city home , Wayne Krantz, Christopher Rosenberg and Rodney Jones, to name a few. He also study in Europe with Kurt Rosenwinkel And Nelson Veras …

Ernesto is a world-class guitarist, a professional musician for more than twenty five years who has played with many of greats in the art: Carlos Santana, Kermit Driscol, and many others. In 1990s, he toured the Americas with Ricky Martin and performed before huge crowds in televised concerts.

Ernesto move to Zurich Switzerland in 2006 and he has conformed many bands and played with many musicians there.
Ernesto’s Sixth album of original compositions: “Invisible Element” to “Signal”, “You Are Welcome”. “Child Playground”, “Ernesto Cortazar Lara Duo”, “Ernesto Cortazar Lara Trio”, “Plexus Quartet” and Child Playground.

Ernesto’s international performances are now moving beyond the previous boundaries of the Americas and Europe toward Africa and the Indian Ocean region.

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