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Live review: The Yellowjackets publish Raising Our Voices: Video, CD cover

The Yellowjackets has a new album under the name of Raising Our Voices. The band based in Los Angeles has been a creative force in the jazz scene since 1981 when they recorded their self-titled debut, their fourth album under the American label Mack Avenue Records, Raising Our Voice, once again up the ante with bold new steps.

From this point of view, the novelty on this occasion has been in the invitation to the extraordinary Brazilian vocalist Luciana Souza. She collaborates with the group in seven of the thirteen songs of this new album. The album has just been presented on September 14.

Born in 1966, Luciana Souza is considered one of the most outstanding singers of that country that is a musical continent: Brazil.

To learn more about Souza, let’s dive a bit into Wikipedia. Daughter of the poet Tereza Souza and singer-songwriter-guitarist Walter Santos, she grew up in São Paulo. She has a degree in Music from Berklee University in Boston, where she received a Bachelor degree in Jazz Composition. She has received a Master’s degree from the New England Conservatory of Music

The Yellowjackets have consistently advanced their artistic declarations in evolution. The band has recorded nearly 30 albums, been nominated for 17 Grammy Awards, and have proposed a good series of adventures the eclectic acoustic electroacoustic landscape, creating a unique jazz sound since its inception.

It should be remembered that in addition to the work of Souza, novelty in this release, The Yellowjackets is formed by Russell Ferrante, keyboards, saxophonist Bob Mintzer, Will Kennedy, on drums and Dane Alderson on bass.

The list of songs is as follows:

01 Man Facing North (6:48).

02 Mutuality (6:30)

03 Everyone else is taken (6:00)

04 Ecuador (5:52)

05 Strange Time (4:49)

06 Emerge (1:00)

07 Timeline (5:13)

08 Quiet (5:49)

09 Divert (2:03)

10 Brotherly (6:34)

11 Swing with it (5:01)

12 In search of (5:12)

13 Solitude (4:19)

The Yellowjackets publican Raising Our Voices

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