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Gabriele Orsi – He is a coleader of some traditional jazz playing bands, contemporary jazz: Video

30.11. – Happy Birthday !!! After playing in some rock bands, starting from 1993 he moved towards jazz when he attended the Berklee summer school courses in Perugia and in 1995 followed the jazz master class in Tirano.

Collaborate in these years with various groups, orchestras and big bands.

2004: the “Fluxus Quartet” project is born, with M. Signorino (sax), S. Carcano (contabbasso) and F. Di Lenge (drums).

2007: recording the first leader cd “Mr. T. “(Music Center) with F. Ferrari (piano), D. Petrosillo (double bass) and F. Di Lenge (drums) with the extraordinary participation of Joey De Francesco.

  • Participates in the recording of the Francesco Di Lenge “Tree” record.

2008: Engraved with F.Ferrari, D.Petrosillo and F.Di Lenge “Beat Light”.

  • the C.O.D. trio (B.Coppa – G. Orsi – F. Di Lenge), an unusual formation (sax – guitar -battery) straddling progressive and avant-garde.

2009: register with the C.O.D. Trio “we will rock you, we will jazz you, we will mock you”.

  • He collaborates as a musician in theatrical performances at the “Spazio-Teatro NO’HMA”, directed by Teresa Pomodoro.

2010: Guitarist in the Santino Carcano 5tet for which he records “The Tree and the River”.

  • recorded in New York “odd originals song” with the C.O.D. trio.

  • records with D. Petrosillo and F. Di Lenge “Riot”

2011: plays on tour with the C.O.D. trio in the United States (New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Middletown, etc.).

  • recorded in Brooklyn “Monk’s Mind” with the participation of double bass player John Patitucci.

2012: he founded the trio nDem with L. Pissavini and C. Vailati recording “Stream” and “Mondi Paralleli”

2013: guitarist of the Beppe Caruso quartet with whom he recorded “Chaos”

  • guitarist in the Funkin ‘Monk’s group

  • joins the Ruby’s Dialog Four group (M. Mariotti, trumpet – L. Garlaschelli, double bass – N. Frasio, rhythmic guitar), a tribute to Ruby Braff and George Barnes.

  • co-leader of the Trio DOC with B. Caruso and F. Di Lenge.

2014: joins the traditional jazz group Dix Trad with whom he participates in lecture concerts for children in various schools.

  • with L: Calabrese, trumpet – C. Vailati, drums form the trio PhreeAngles with which he records “Red Candle”

2015: recording “Performance” the second album in his name.

  • guitarist in the Ars Octet by B. Caruso

  • records “Totem” with the Totem 4 group (S. Spartoretto, D. Petrosillo- bass, C. Vailati- battery)

2016: recording “In Rock” with the Trio DOC

Currently he plays in different formations, from duo to octet, from traditional jazz to funk to bop, up to avantgarde and improvisation, he has participated in festivals and jazz festivals throughout Italy and has done an intense activity in jazz clubs with their own trio and quartet.

Many of his points of reference, inspiration and various musical extractions: Thelonius Monk on all, then John Scofield, Bill Frisell, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, Muddy Waters, Steve Coleman, Marc Ducret ….

Over the years there have been many musicians with whom he has collaborated, among them:

Joey De Francesco, John Patitucci, Francesco Di Lenge, Biagio Cup, Beppe Caruso, Francesco Carcano, Silvano Borzacchiello, Luca Calabrese, Massimo Falascone, Fulvio Ferrari, Santino Carcano, Daniele Petrosillo, Maurizio Signorino, Yuri Goloubev, Francesco D’Auria, Mario Cavallaro, Cristiano Vailati, Luca Pissavini, Mario Mariotti, Marco Castiglioni, Giampiero Spina, Sabrina Sparti, Francesca De Mori.

He started to Jazz at the beginning, he played guitar in many rock bands. At that time, he attended Berklee summer school in Perugia during Umbria Jazz Festival (1993/94) and Jazz Master Class (1995) in Tirano (Italy) whit Joe Diorio, Jerry Bergonzi, Victor Lewis etc …

From then on, Gabriele Orsi loves to play in small bands, playing especially his own compositions together with some traditional jazz excerpts, which is always readapting to his style. Nevertheless he also plays big bands and jazz orchestra (Swing Time Big Band, Flight Band …)

He is a coleader of some traditional jazz playing bands, contemporary jazz, Avantgarde and improvisation: “C.O.D. trio “” PhreeAngles “” Trio DOC “” Fluxus Quartet “” nDem “.
Francesco Di Lenge, Fulvio Ferrari, Santino Carcano, Daniele Petrosillo, Yuri Goloubev, Beppe Caruso, Luca Calabrese, Massimo Falascone, Biagio Cup, Silvano Borzacchiello, Joey De Francesco, Carmen Staaf, John Patitucci and many others.

He had a training period with Jerry Bergonzi, John Stowell, Joe Diorio, Steve Lacy, Jeff Richman, Ralph Alessi, David Friesen, Rick Pekam, Larry Monroe, Marc Ducret, John Riley and Bobby Previte.

In 2004, Gabriele Orsi and the saxophonist Maurizio Signorino constituted the project “Fluxus Quartet”, looking for a modern jazz quality that could be listened and understood also by “outsiders”. The band is composed by Gabriele, Maurizio and Santino Carcano (double bass) and Francesco Di Lenge (drums).

In 2006 Gabriele set up his own quartet together with Fulvio Ferrari (piano), Daniele Petrosillo (double bass) and Francesco Di Lenge (drums); finally, in 2007 this quarted published an audio CD “Mr. T. “(Music Center) in which Joey De Francesco is the guest star.

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