May 18, 2024

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CD review: Lisa Hilton – Oasis 2018: Video

“‘Oasis’ is freedom and lyrical art. It overflows with Hilton’s somersaulting narrative, lyricism in every note, turning and churning in on itself expressed with thought, clarity, and the fusion of movement and texture.

Hilton slips in a whirlwind of feeling in “Watercolor World,” as a painter would to her canvas in splashes and spurts, behind your back. The composition unravels in ever-shifting threads, which she seems to brush and stroke back into a semblance of orderly life. Her aerial lifts bank up against contrasting, darker chords for that subtle textural context she’s known for.”~ Festival Peak

“Because of her serene manner, glorious stylings and superb leadership skills, this award winner has gained the respect of an array of living legends, and she has worked alongside MANY. It all translates into extraordinary music that is compared to jazz and classical icons. Lisa Hilton is RARE.”

“Reliably exceptional that is how I would describe Lisa Hilton. … Her composing and performance could be described as existing between impressionism and expressionism, but the one thing all her performances have is a heartbeat. Swinging-ly grounded in the beat she establishes is where Hilton’s charm shines the brightest.”

(3:36) 1. Twists of Fate
(4:54) 2. Adventure Lands
(4:59) 3. Oasis
(4:06) 4. Watercolor World
(2:48) 5. Fascinating Rhythm
(4:08) 6. Vapors & Shadows
(3:11) 7. Just for Fun
(4:43) 8. Sunshine States
(4:21) 9. Lazy Daisy
(4:31) 10. Sunday Morning
(6:38) 11. Warm Summer Night

Lisa Hilton – piano,

Lucques Curtis – bass,

Mark Whitfield Jr. – drums

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