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CD review: Ryan Raziano Quartet – Bluere into Gray 2019: Video, CD cover

The Ryan Raziano Quartet was formed in the Fall of 2017 with the simple goal of having an excuse to explore and play music that wasn’t limited to any outward constraints.

Though the musicians have individually known and performed with each other for years on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, it wasn’t until the conception of this group that they played together all on the same stage as one group.

The quartet started by performing music of a more modal approach, including Charles Lloyd, Joe Henderson, and John Coltrane compositions. It was very quickly understood that there was something a little more unique about this group, as the comfort and musical empathy among the members grew into a synergy that expanded the music beyond what was expected. With this, original repertoire composed by members of the band was added, and by the end of that Winter the performances had grown from covers to all-originals.

The material on this album presents the music from this period, which were composed by both Ryan Raziano and Buddy Dubourg. The recordings capture the essence of this synergy between saxophonist Ryan Raziano, pianist Buddy Dubourg, bassist David Pellow, and drummer Pete Wehner, and all of the compositions combine to create a unified overarching mood and entry of the group’s inception.

  1. Three Blind Squirrels
  2. Blue into Gray
  3. Last One Left Behind
  4. Induced Thoughts
  5. Lay It Back
  6. Mysterious Journey
  7. Gossamer
  8. First Flight
  9. Latecomer’s Lullaby

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