May 23, 2024

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CD review: Tamara Lukasheva Quartet – Homebridge 2019: Video

Tamara Lukasheva is considered beyond her generation as one of the outstanding voices of German jazz. Her unusually agile vocal expressiveness, which has been precisely refined over the past 15 years, not only leaves a deep impression on the jazz-savvy audience.

Lukasheva’s music is independent and variable, moving in the field of tension of strong melodies, Eastern European influences, dynamic improvisation and emphasis.

The lively and distinctive style of Lukasheva’s vocals and their sometimes subtly playful music are rooted in their personal history. When she moved from Odessa to Cologne in 2010, she had already gained considerable experience and stage successes in her old homeland. Born in 1988 as the daughter of a professional musician (mother classical pianist, father jazz saxophonist), she grew up surrounded by high-caliber music. At 16, she began her career working as a classical trained pianist and jazz singer with renowned Ukrainian artists, including four years with jazz legend Yuriy Kuznetcov. She was a soloist in the Big Band of Odessa, formed a duo with pianist Roksana Smirnova, stood on festival stages in Kiev, Moscow, Rostov, Sevastopol.

  1. Night and the Moon
  2. Homebridge
  3. Alte Häuser
  4. Odna Doma
  5. The Moon Is Clear
  6. Where are You Going, Yanichku
  7. Awake
  8. Ich werd aufhören, zu verschwinden
  9. In as Moll
  10. Vogel Fly
  11. Marisija

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