May 29, 2024

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CD review: Diana Torti – On a Cloud 2019: Video, CD cover

“On a Cloud” is a project born during a passionate music and vocal research focused on the figure of Jeanne Lee, wonderful singer of the avant-garde Jazz.

She has been a courageous artist and pioneer of an innovative way of singing in Jazz music starting from the Sixties. The CD will be released on the occasion of the celebration of the 80th anniversary of her birth in January 2019 in homage to this extraordinary musician and poetess.

The repertoire draws on standards, improvisations and original compositions inspired by Jeanne Lee’s world of sounds. The choice of the duo, voice and classical guitar, is an ideal dimension to re-elaborate the poetic, refined and intimate atmosphere of Lee’s music.
The ensemble that includes besides me (voice) also the guitarist and composer Sabino de Bari (classical guitar), has over time developed and matured a consolidated artistic alchemy. In our music both improvisation and composition are experienced as an expressive possibility out of any stylistic connotation. Timbres, words, noises and breaths merge, chase or dance together freely, to evoke suggestions and sound images.

  1. Misterioso
  2. Straight Ahead
  3. Raskòlnikov
  4. In These Last Days
  5. The Man Of The Sea
  6. The Seagulls Of Kristiansund
  7. Honeysuckle Rose
  8. Fireflies
  9. On A Cloud
  10. Cavalcando

Diana Torti – Voice, compositions
Sabino de Bari – Classical guitar, compositions

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