May 25, 2024

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Two veterans in the city’s music environment, Tor Einar “Daumann” Jacobsen and Jan Erik Moen: Photos, Video

Enthusiast Kjell Mersland has put a lot of soul and effort into achieving a worthy opening of the new club in the Sørlandsbyen.

Along with board members and local musical forces, they delivered an opening that would be difficult to forget: The great concert venue of the Craftsman was filled to the brink of satisfied audiences. Among the bands on stage were Oz & The Wizards (Photo: Sigve Mathisen).

According to the Craftsman’s pleasant driver, it was reported that they could sell at least twice as many tickets! When you know that the number of tickets sold was close to 200, the music people in the city clearly state that this is an offer you want. The fact that the membership in the club already before the opening concert had passed 100 is also a good sign of the great interest.

A total of seven bands contributed to this event on Saturday, January 26, to give the club a good start, and all did their part to make this fun. Various expressions were represented, from rock music inspired to more traditional repertoire, and I have to say that I was delighted to see the joy the musicians contributed. No one mentioned … – but there were more surprises!

Kristiansand is a city with long, strong blues traditions. Here are legendary practitioners and exciting young musicians, and it is quite clear that the audience knows their visiting time and fears their own. It is good!

Objectively assessed, many things facilitate a success in Kristiansand now, with great interest, many local musical forces involved, a great, well-run local with a dedicated driver, a dedicated board, a booking man with good network and good bearing, and a lot of a good sounding man, to name a few.

The new club, which has been named Christianssand Blues & Roots Club, is setting up a slightly broader musical profile with a focus on some other touching relevant genres, and clones already in February with Magnus Berg Band.

It is also gratifying that part of the audience is interested in the big event in London in November, and that the club is preparing to gather people to travel together, it is a good strategy for building whole and loyalty.

The chairman Mersland and his gang have great ambitions, and already the enthusiasts in the city are discussing the possibilities of making a small weekend event, or a smaller festival. The legendary Bragdøya festival, which was arranged for many years, was a fantastic thing in that respect, and the idea of ​​a larger, unifying event in the city seems smart.

Thanks for a great night out!

Above: Two veterans in the city’s music environment, Tor Einar “Daumann” Jacobsen and Jan Erik Moen.

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