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Jorgen Sandvik received the award in the blues category during the distribution of the Spelleman Prizes: Videos

Jørgen Sandvik received the award in the blues category during the distribution of the Spelleman Prizes for 2018 in Chateau Neuf on Saturday 30 March. JBN.S congratulations!

The singer and guitarist from Bergen, now residing on Stord, received the award for his release “Permanent Vacation”, which was his first solo album. It’s his first prize for a solo album, but he has previously received awards with the band Real Ones, which he was a member of for 20 years.

Bluesnews writer Johnny Andreassen wrote the following about the award-winning release:
– The songs are partly his own, but also some skinless cover songs from the blues artists who have meant the most for his blues story. John Mayall’s “The Law”, Skip James “The Devil Got My Woman” and Peter Green’s “The World Keeps On Turning”. The legendary “Midnight special”, which Creedence also did in his time, is created for Jorgen’s blues heritage with his Real Ones band experience. Mostly this is about Jørgen Sandvik, his guitar and his vision of having full respect for the old blues men and traditions and at the same time experimenting with their own sound, as Real Ones has always done. He uses flutes, cello and pump organs, which are probably unusual in blues. The result is a very vibrant, nude and distinctive singer / songwriter bluessound. It oozes a hungry country feeling like a “Motorpsycho goes blues”. It sounds like he has lived this life and sucked the blues travel companion all his life! An intimate and beautiful blues record to play this summer when the noise from the water park and barbecue parties has settled and the darkness in and the dew settles on the beer bottle. Really a little favorite here, coming in from an unexpected edge of the Real Ones camp in the west!

In the blues class, these three were also nominated: Geir Bertheussen Blues Express, JT Lauritsen & The Buckshot Hunters and Ulf Myrvold.

Here are all Spellemann winners (highlighted):

Children’s music
My neighbor – Rockesock
Tonje Unstad – Mussel with milk
Karoline Krüger and Mrs Nitters Rhythm Orchestra – Labyrinths!
Mandarinsaft – On the way tea a friend

Band of Gold – Where’s The Magic
Seeb – Nice To Meet You
Lemaitre – Lemaitre 2018
Razika – That’s how the world feels

Gurls – Run boy, run
Musk – Miracles
Atomic – Pet Variations
Hanna Paulsberg Concept + Magnus Broo – Daughters Of The Sun

Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra – Ørjan Matre: Concert for orchestra
Cikada string quartet / Knut Olaf Sunde – Vertigo Room
Kjell Tore Innervik – UTOPIAS – Radical Interpretations of Iconic Musical Works for Percussion
Telemark chamber orchestra, conductor Lars-Erik ter Jung – Chasing Strings

Jørgen Sandvik – Permanent Vacation
J.T. Lauritsen & The Buckshot Hunters – Blue Eyed Soul Volume 1
Geir Bertheussen Blues Express – Southside
Ulf Myrvold – Old Memories

This year’s copywriter
Eduardo Andersen – Let’s take an idealist
Ina Wroldsen – Hex
Lars Saabye Christensen – A quiet place
Odd Nordstoga – Kløyvd

Sex Judas feat. Ricky – Go Down Judas
Smerz – Have Fun
Bjørn Torske – The city
Fakethias – Attune

Obliteration – Cenotaph Obscure
Aura Noir – Aura Noire
Sylvaine – Atoms Aligned, Coming Undone
Beaten To Death – Agronomicon

Tonos Composer Price
Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra – Ørjan Matre: Concert for orchestra
Anja Garbarek – The Road Is Just A Surface
Geir Holmsen – A quiet place
Arve Henriksen / Eivind Aarset / Jan Bang / Jez Riley French – The Height Of The Reeds

Ingeborg October – The Skimming Book
Ellen Sofie Hovland – And the sun is over
Erik Lukashaugen – We own the forests
Masvava – Masvava

Open Class
Geir Sundstøl – Breadless
Amgala Temple – Invisible Airships
Harpreet Bansal – Samaya
Anja Garbarek – The Road Is Just A Surface

This year’s Music Video
Hkeem / Directors: Thor Brenne – Ghettoparasite
Aurora / directors: Kinga Burza – Queendom
Sondre Justad / Director: Trond Kvig Andreassen – Not like the others
Sigrid / Directors: AB / CD / CD – Sucker Punch

Tora Augestad & Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra – Portraying Passion
Frida Fredrikke Waaler Wærvågen & Ingrid Andsnes – Metamorphosis
Christian Ihle Hadland – Christian Ihle Hadland plays Domencio Scarlatti
Stavanger Symphony Orchestra – Symphonic Dances

This year’s Producer
Aksel Carlson – Mars, Emilie Nicholas, Arif & Young Ferarri
Kåre Christoffer Vestrheim – Anja Garbarek, Emilie Nicholas, Håkon Kornstad, Batagraf and others
Fay Wildhagen – Borders
Kai Gundelach – Baltus

This year’s Breakthrough and Gramostipend
Boy Pablo
Lise Davidsen
The camel

The Good The Bad And The Zugly – Misanthropical House
Oslo Ess – Free radicals
Årabrot – Who Do You Love
Turbonegro – Rock’n’Roll Machine

This year’s Album
Emilie Nicolas – Tranquille Emilie
Rotlaus – On the way
Sondre Justad – Nothing in Paradise
Young Ferarri – In the middle of magical and manic

Folk / Traditional music
Marja Mortensson – Mojhtestasse – Cultural Heirlooms
Johanne Flottorp – Johanne Flottorp
Aslak Brimi Quartet – Tissue
Sudan Dudan – Heimen out there

Malin Pettersen – References Pt. 1
The Northern Belle – Blinding Blue Neon
Hege Øversveen – goodbye yellow roses
Country Heroes – Honky Tonk Tears

This year’s songwriter
Ina Wroldsen – Hex
Dagny – Dagny Songwriter 2018
Young Ferrari – In The Middle Of Magic And Manic
Thea Hjelmeland – Kulla

This year’s Honorary Prize

EMIR – More of you
Young Beirut – The revenge is sweet, but I forgive you
Lil Halima – Lil Halima 2018

This year’s Playmate
Alan Walker

Indie / Alternative
Thea Hjelmeland – Kulla
Okay, Kaya – Both
Fay Wildhagen – Borders
Boy Pablo – Soy Pablo

This year’s song
Mads Hansen – The summer body

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