May 27, 2024

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CD review: Dario Germani – Alvito 2019: Video, CD cover

A musical album born almost by chance. The stage, for the occasion, was that of the evocative Alvito theater, rich in history and charm.

It is there that the sounds of double bass player Dario Germani and guitarist Roberto Cervi, the first of Arce and the second of Val di Comino, took shape, merging naturally, like a magical alchemy. The walls of the ducal palace of the Gallios, in particular the one that was once the “Throne Room”, have preserved excellent acoustics. That’s why the two musicians decided to record their live on CD. It was last December 23rd when they interacted and shared notes through improvisation and interplay. A first time also for the theater room, which now has the first official recording to its credit.
An album of ten pieces in which the echoes of the guitar are supported by the harmonic and rhythmic structure of the double bass. Each track has as its title the name of a city or a country: for example Sora, for solo bass, Alvito, Picinisco, for solo guitar, Tivoli or Calcata in the Viterbo area. The two artists, however, have also dedicated their melodies to overseas centers, such as New Orleans, New York, Niagara Falls and Toronto in Canada.

“The formation of the duo, in some ways, is an even more risky experience than the solo. It is a formula based profoundly on the interaction between musicians and the sharing of spaces. So much so that the risk is to watch a performance in which one of the two protagonists prevails over the other, in which the monologue imposes itself on dialogue – explained double-bass player Dario Germani -. The duo brings you to experience a theatrical experience because it is a question of staging a dialogue in which it is also necessary to wear the clothes of the other. Playing in two means building a deep relationship with your colleague and you always need to be ready to exchange roles. Therefore, we have the opportunity to enter the expressive universe of the partner, listen to him, and share a dialogue with him ».

01. Dario Germani; Roberto Cervi – Niagara Falls (2:19)
02. Dario Germani; Roberto Cervi – West (6:38)
03. Dario Germani; Roberto Cervi – Tivoli (5:02)
04. Dario Germani; Roberto Cervi – Toronto (5:36)
05. Dario Germani; Roberto Cervi – Sora (4:08)
06. Dario Germani; Roberto Cervi – Picinisco (6:33)
07. Dario Germani; Roberto Cervi – Calcata (2:28)
08. Dario Germani; Roberto Cervi – New York (6:28)
09. Dario Germani; Roberto Cervi – New Orleans (6:23)
10. Dario Germani; Roberto Cervi – Alvito (4:03)

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