May 22, 2024

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Party for blues people and local people in Skånevik: Photos, Videos

The 23rd blues festival in beautiful Skånevik is well in port, once again with a lineup adapted to both the blues people and the settled people. The festival did not disappoint and also received a visit from its faithful audience this year. Cars and buses, boats and ferries brought the people “to the gards”. The party started already on Thursday this first weekend in July. Picture: Dana Fuchs and son Aideen (photo: Trond Johnsen).

GB Blues Express (N) led by blues personality Geir Bertheussen got the honor of opening the ball in the House of Bluestelt. The band has really established itself in the top among Norwegian blues bands and is in a hectic summer. Next band was Never the Bride (UK) that has been running for 25 years and is still going strong with its rough blues rock style.

Fest for bluesfolk og bygdefolk i Skånevik

Irish guitar legend Pat McManus, who has played guitar since he was seven, then took over the stage. As a reviewer in Skånevik, he has built up his own audience, and they did not disappoint this year either.

After a break, the GB Blues Express (pictured below) came on stage for the second time to end the evening. They got the challenging job of filling the House of Bluestelt at the same time as one of the headlines, the American rock & rollband + Live + played in the Arena tent.

Norway Friendship

Friday’s lineup in the House of Bluestelt was topped with the Norwegian friend Dana Fuchs (US) who performed acoustically with songs that she could tell meant something special to her. The time is no more than four, but the tent fills up quickly. She is a good storyteller and has a audience of thousands. It sounded really good when she, along with guitarist Jon Diamond, went through “Gimme Shelter” and “Lonely for a Lifetime”, and she became quite personal when she told about the loss of her mother and that she herself became the mother of Aideen the same year. She finished the set of “Ring of Fire” and sent hot thoughts to her musician for all inspiration. Little Aideen, who has been three and a half years old, came on stage with her little guitar and “mother” her mother. It went home with the audience …

Norwegian favorites in line

Both Friday and Saturday in the House of Bluestelt, the audience enjoyed Norwegian quality bands. Friday Skånevik General Alf was able to attend Joakim Tinderholt and His Band, Vidar Busk – Daniel Eriksen – Stig Sjøstrøm and Union Union Maldito as the last band for the evening.

On Saturday we heard Robert Taylor Band, Reloaded Norway, Bjørn Berge Electric Band, Amund Maarud & Lucky Lips and Froddi & Compagniet on the blues menu. It had to be a blues party!

But Friday first. There were a lot of people in the tent, and Joakim had grasped the attendants who eventually became very responsive. Old school blues with the classic rough touch.

Vidar Busk, Daniel Eriksen and Stig Sjøstrøm always deliver quality, and this evening was no exception. Lovely boogie and blues rock with lots of humor. When they finished with “Going Down South” we believe them, and once again this trio leaves a mild vacuum in the audience.

Dana Fuchs is still on stage, this time with full band. The sound level was turned up some notches and we get a sparkling show that contains both rock, soul, gospel and blues. The band certainly gets the applause they deserve after a very good effort.

Union band Maldito

The demanding task of being the last band in the House of Bluestelt this Friday after a long logistical break was awarded to Maldito, this year’s Union Band. They take the challenge and start their own song “Stay” for a small but committed audience. It will prove that the tent will soon have more visitors, both in the audience and not least on the stage. Vidar Busk does not manage to stay away, and soon he is in the guitar dude with Maldito’s guitarist.

Arena tent

Meanwhile, things have taken place in the big Arena tent ten minutes walk from the House of Bluestelt. Here, the “girl band” Ladies Ballbreaker (FR) has been running a fierce AC / DC cover for an hour before it became clear to the everlasting Stage Dolls that this year can celebrate that it is 30 years since the song Love Cries was on the American charts. Skånevik serves a broad program, just as they usually do.

Concert on the hotel lawn

After a couple of rain showers, Skånevik sat on Saturday with glorious weather, and the center ticked off people who all seemed to be on their way to the hotel lawn. Here it was rigged a scene that this year was visited by this year’s Spellemanns prize winner in the blues class, Jørgen Sandvik and his Permanent Vacation.

They got a great frame around their concert, with a stuffy garden and brilliant sun.

At the same time there was a blues cruise with three departures, and there was also a concert start in the House of Bluestelt. At the bluescruise, Thy Gentlemen (N) had the pattern on, and at House of Bluesscena Robert Taylor Band (N) started already at 14. Robert has a long time at Norwegian festivals and has also played in Skånevik earlier. We got a nice and tidy start with “True Lies”, and then “What You Want Me To Do” came the song with the audience.

Reloaded Norway

This year’s comet on the blue sky we might call the next band at scena, Reloaded Norway. They released the album in February 2018 and have ravaged the wild on foreign playlists and various blues scenes. Vocalist Heidi was in great shape and brought a strong personal message to the attendants before she fired “Squeeze my Jeeves”. Dama writes her honest texts herself and presents them with the drama they deserve.

Froddi in lighthouse and flame

On the big stage, a whole company will soon gather, it’s Frode Rønli and his musicians who are called Froddi & Compagniet. They have been here before and are warm in the jersey from the first song. We got to experience the full tent, the full circus and a wonderful atmosphere in the rehearsal of the old classics from the Stavanger ensemble.

The electric way

The time is no more than six this Saturday and Bjørn Berge Electric Band is ready. The man has put together a set of songs from five of his albums and starts with “Going to Brownsville” from Blackwood (2011), and further “Mr Bones” from Who Else (2019). He lives up to his reputation with his raw style, but soon takes it all down with “Meanest Blues in Town”, and it is absolutely quiet in the tent when he gets publiukum on singing. The sound is like Bjørn wants it, raspete and high. They finish with “Black Jesus” and “Thursday” – soon comes Amund Maarud and Lucky Lips.

Bluegrass blues rock with a little “cowboy”

Amund & Lucky Lips gives the audience a great concert experience in Skånevik where they start with “Spend my Time” and “Change of Heart”. Norwegian bands! Amund and Malin are in harmony and the tent is filled up by clowns, natives and other visitors who bring along top Norwegian music again. After beautiful “Indian Butterfly”, the Amund presents the band and praises the Skånevik Festival which gets it to year after year.

Then we get a song with a little “cowboy” in “Daydream”. Amund plays badly and down before Malin comes in and the Lucky Lips sound takes over the sound, wonderful! They end with “Instructions”. There is a high atmosphere and the people want more, but unfortunately it didn’t take time for some strange reason.

Reloaded Norway got the difficult job of being the last band out after a long break in the House of Bluestelt. At the same time, The September When goes on in the Arena tent with Morten Abel in great shape and contributes greatly to the blues festival’s survival.

Worth a visit

Skånevik does not disappoint, nor does this 23rd festival in the row, as we are told to balance economically, and well so. The festival is good at booking, we got to hear very many current Norwegian blues bands this year. This year’s Union band is always there, and the big international names are in place. Bluesnews are looking forward to next year.

Amund Maarud og Malin Pettersen.

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