May 18, 2024

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CD review: Bobby Rush – Sitting on Top Of The Blues 2019: Video, CD cover

This is Bobby Rush’s 75th career release.  He’s won a dozen Blues Music Awards, was honored with a Blues Blast Magazine Lifetime Achievement Award and has now released 26 studio albums. This is prototypical Bobby Rush.  A powerful and soulful recording, Rush songs like a young man turning in 11 new cuts.

The CD starts with “Hey Hey Bobby Rush,” a semi-autobiographical fun number with lots of big production sound. A funky groove, guitar, organ, horns and a fantastic backing band give Rush a big canvass to do his stuff on and he does it.  His vocals and harp are traditional Bobby Rush and it’s a great hook to get the album going.  Next is “Good Stuff,” a bouncing and sweet number with harp and a fine groove going to make it fun.  Rush sings about skin tight britches and talks about his woman with what the title says.  Bobby doing what Bobby does best- singing about sexy women.  This one is much more stripped down than the prior cut, and the next cut brings back the big production.  A funky tune entitled “Get Out Of Here (Dog Named Bo), the topic is a father chasing his daughter’s suitor away because he’s a no good blues man.  He tries to elope to Vegas but the entire family is waiting with the dog named Bo.  Bobby gives us some harp in this funky tune that’s more good ole Bobby Rush.  “You Got the Goods on You” is more Bobby singing about his woman who delivers and apparently carries the goods well to boot.  The bouncing “Sweet Lizzy” comes up next with nice piano added tot he organ work.  Rush sings about Lizzy who has got him dizzy.  Rush blows some cool harp and the backing singers come out in support. “Bobby Rush Shuffle” is a sweet instrumental shuffle with Rush laying out some great harp licks.  Well done!

“Recipe For Love” is next up. It’s a sweet country blues with acoustic guitar and Rush’s vocals. Stripped way down, it’s emotional and really good stuff.  Rush let’s it hang out vocally and then layers on some sweet harp with the guitar playing along. “Pooky Poo” is a song about his woman that he claims he works two jobs for.  A slower lounge tune, Rush gives us another one about his woman to savor. A jazzy number with a little guitar, a little organ and lots of Bobby. And that’s a good thing.  Bobby goes full soul with “Slow Motion,” a tune abut how he wants to take his time.  Bobby gives us some deep soul as he takes us on this ride where he tells his woman how he wants to deliver. Things pick up with “Shake Til’ You Get Enough,” a big funky cut with the band and backing singers in full force.  There’s a deep grove going and Rush blows a little harp as he sings about shakin’ here and there until you get enough. Rush completes the set with “Bowlegged Woman.” He has a lot of fun with this and it’s a great conclusion to another great Bobby Rush CD.

Rush gives us an assortment of his tunes about the women he loves to love and injects his humor and musicality to produce another fun CD to enjoy.  Rush adds to his vast repertoire of work and it’s hard to believe he’s got 75 releases and 26 CDs.  He still knows how to deliver the goods and entertain.  If you’re a fan you’ll love this.  If you’re somehow new to Bobby Rush then this is a great little primer into his style and work.  It’s hard to believe it’s been three years since Porcupine Meat. Bobby  is 78 years young (he’ll be 79 in November) and he still enjoys performing as he did decades ago.  Here’s another one to add to his fantastic catalogue of outstanding music!

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