June 21, 2024


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CD review: Andrey Marukhin – Martian Language 2020: Video, CD cover

Hi! Up until now no one has rated my first solo jazz-piano album Faked Pianism (just kidding, sure everyone has already listened to it a hundred times), but I’m already gonna present you the second one.

It is called Martian Language, and it’s not about alien anatomy, as you might literally think, this is about the fact no one has heard anyone for a long time in the crazy modern world, human speech and thoughts are not perceived properly and feel like rubbish, annoyingly and sounding incessantly against the background of a passing life. Although all right, this is all drawn lyrics and zero philosophy, the album is funny, despite the fact that it is jazz.

So that laughing we recorded it together with drummer Denis Silantyev and Artyom Baskakov (he recorded the double bass), and if it weren’t for these cool rhythmic and musical guys, I would have to release a solo album again, moreover, identical to the first in terms of content.

The album contains seven tracks, which sacredly symbolizes a six-wheeled SUV with a spare – sometimes this is only one way to overcome the deserts of ballads, mountains of bebop and swamp of swing.

One an interesting fact: I almost went bankrupt on resolving copyright issues for the first album, where covers were recorded, that’s why I decided to record my own works for a new disc, because that’s easier, faster and you don’t have to pay the authors, because I’m the author!

1. Phase of Loneliness 7:41
2. I Remember November 8:02
3. Gluten Intolerance 4:45
4. Two Moons 6:16
5. Absolutely Zero 11:01
6. Letter from Evans 6:39
7. Wiener Klassiker und Zeitmaschine / Like Monk 13:16

Andrey Marukhin piano
Artyom Baskakov double bass
Denis Silantyev drums

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