February 26, 2024


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CD review: Alexa Tarantino – Works For Me – Reach Within 2020: Video, CD cover

Posi-Tone debuts their latest musical collective under the apt title of Works For Me.

This carefully curated presentation by Producer Marc Free focuses on combining the individual talents of several emerging performers into a cohesive camaraderie that succeeds in providing us with a series of enjoyably emotional performances that Reach Within with clarity and sincerity. Works For Me features the talents of guitarist Tony Davis, saxophonist Alexa Tarantino, pianist Caili O Doherty, bassist Adi Meyerson and drummer Joe Strasser working together to create a series of unified musical expressions that take us along with them on an entertaining musical journey. We are confident that jazz fans everywhere will enjoy listening to this new collective and hopefully concur personally with us that the title does indeed encapsulate our feelings when it proclaims loudly that all the music on the record “Works For Me!

1. Jinrikisha (4:55)
2. Mr. M (5:38)
3. Lake Sebago (5:41)
4. Le’Var (5:00)
5. Reach Within (7:16)
6. El Gran Birane (4:38)
7. Your Smile (Keeps Me Sane) (6:41)
8. Salt And Vinegar (6:10)
9. Send One Your Love (4:17)

Alexa Tarantino – alto sax, alto flute 3, soprano sax 8
Tony Davis – guitar
Caili O’Doherty – piano
Adi Meyerson – bass
Joe Strasser – drums

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