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CD review: Engin Ozsahin – Sequence of Emotions 2020: Video, CD cover

Sequence of Emotions is an album inspired by my journey in life, from choosing to be a mechanical engineer to becoming a jazz musician by tirelessly following my heart and passion in sound-making.

The tracks are a cross-section of my life from 2013 to 2016, the period that I faced my demons by changing jobs, facing family with my decisions, making personal sacrifices and changing countries to come to New England Conservatory in Boston. Each track on this album is conceptualized by the dominant emotions and thoughts chosen from nine points of this period. With that, compositional elements are specifically chosen to reflect each instance of emotion and thought.

I believe in personal change and growth no matter what age we are. For me, composition and improvisation in the context of jazz have become the blackboard, where I learn not only a new craft but also new ways I can develop by holding a magnifying glass to my own self. Now, it’s time to share my explorations and findings with you through the language of jazz and instruments of fearless improvisers. After months of dedicated work, I feel joyous to share this album with you and kindly invite you, your full attention and presence to this sonic space.

01. Cease to Be a Part of It
02. Day Dreamer
03. What If
04. Teeter Totter Circus
05. Instincts
06. Partimento
07. The Strings in Your Hands
08. An Unknown Path
09. In New Grounds

Aaron Dutton (Alto Sax)
Jacob Shulman (Tenor Sax)
Bobby Lane (Trumpet)
Engin Özşahin (Piano & Compositions)
Seajun Kwon (Double Bass)
Charlie Weller (Drums)

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