June 25, 2024


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CD review: Dom Minasi – Eight Hands One Mind 2021: Videos, CD cover

I thought about writing for four guitars for a while, but I didn’t want it to be another ordinary jazz record and since I am very much into contemporary 21st Century music, I thought why not go that route?

After I finished writing I thought about who could I use? They have to be able to read and play free form improv. I immediately thought of Hans. We had already recorded together, and he understood the concept. I had been listening to Harvey for a while and I loved the way he played. For guitar one I asked Bern Nix. Bern had played with Ornette and we played together, too.

The group was intact. Just as we were about to have the last rehearsal before recording, Bern passed away. It was a shock to us and the whole jazz community. I put the project on hold for about six months . I asked Hans if he knew someone and he told me about Briggan Krauss. Briggan agreed to come over for a rehearsal and he fit right in. We rehearsed for a while and recorded. What you hear is the result.

Each piece, even though they have names, are like movements. Each movement related to each other that moves forward.

I would like to thank Jack DeSalvo for his confidence in all that I do and letting my music be heard through Unseen Rain Records.

Dom Minasi
1. Title One 06:06
2. Sucker’s Paradise 05:14
3. Ooh Taste So Good 04:56
4. Misguided Heart 04:39
5. Eight Hands 05:12
6. Dancing Rosetta

DOM MINASI – guitar
HANS TAMMEN – guitar

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