June 14, 2024


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CD review: Wayne Escoffery, Markus Schieferdecker – Asteroid 7881, Standards 2021: Video, CD cover

What do the jazz greats Albert Mangelsdorff, Michael Wollny, Julian and Roman Wasserfuhr, Richie Beirach, Clark Terry and Lee Konitz have in common?

Or rather: Who …? German bassist Markus Schieferdecker was the one to prepare the breeding ground for their musical heights in numerous collaborations. Now the much sought-after „subwoofer expert“ is back with his new album under his own name: “Asteroid 7881, Standards”.

In honour of Johann Christian Schieferdecker, after whom the asteroid with the identification 7881 is named, Markus Schieferdecker takes us with five standards and two self-composed pieces to the sun, moon and stars, across the universe and back. On “Solar” or “Blu Sky” he ignites the hyperdrive for maximum thrust.

On “Moon River” or “Sky Dive” he steers the band shuttle through the galaxy with his cool, laidback manner and remains in control on the double bass. Anyone who is anyone is part of the crew of this international sound station: Brit Wayne Escoffery on the tenor sax, US-American Xavier Davis on the keys and Swiss Joris Dudli on the drums. Sitting at the mixing desk is none other than the New Yorker Mike Marciano, who has already won two Grammys for his sound engineering skills.

  1. Sky Dive
  2. Moon River
  3. Message to Mankind
  4. Blu Sky
  5. Planet Mingus
  6. Old Devil Moon
  7. Solar

Markus Schieferdecker double bass
Wayne Escoffery tenor saxophone
Xavier Davis piano
Joris Dudli drums

Markus Schieferdecker: "Asteroid 7881, Standards"

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