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CD review: Eilenkrig – Pier 39: Music by Yerkesh Shakeyev 2021: Video, CD cover

Famous Kazakh composer, songwriter and performer Erkesh Shakeyev presented the studio album Pier 39, created in tandem with Russian jazz musician Vadim Eilenkrig.

Having realized himself as a composer in pop and academic music, Erkesh Shakeev took a step towards jazz. The musicians met virtually and created a creative tandem.

“Back in 2007, in one of the San Francisco cafes on the famous Pier 39, I had this idea. Then I heard the music of the Canadian jazz singer Diana Kroll in the cafe, and the music never left me. I wore it in my head, told Batyrkhan about it . And literally a few years ago I started to work, “shared Erkesh Shakeyev.

The album was recorded in Moscow. Eilenkrieg acted as a music producer, gathering his team around him. The musicians took part in the arrangements: Dmitry Ilugdin (piano, keyboards), Armen Mkrtychyan (bass), Konstantin Safyanov (tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, flute), Vitaly Epov (drums).

In addition, invited artists, also participating in the expanded composition of the Eilenkrig Orchestra: guitarists Alexander Rodovsky and Eldar Tetuev, pianist Anton Baronin, and Cuban percussionist Reinier Frometa also had a hand. Igor Bardashev was responsible for recording and mixing. Mastering was done by New York engineer David Darlington. The Pier 39 album was the second release of the Eilenkrig Crew Production label.

“This album is an amazing story about friendship and mutual understanding. Completely not knowing each other, we were able to find a common language from the first words and notes. This is Erkesh’s very personal music. He was able to convey this to us very subtly, therefore, in addition to his professional skills, every musician has put a part of himself here, “said Vadim Eilenkrig.

“Shakeev is a great composer, this is music for all time. It’s great when our strongest instrumentalists turn to the heritage of pop music and rethink it. Anyone who says about the album that it is a commercial product will be wrong. I think Eilenkrieg is not on albums. earns, and from the point of view of money, he does not need this album at all – it solves, first of all, a creative problem.In this sense, Eilenkrieg plays for a long time, and in general a great fellow – very few people except him record such music in Russia. good taste, and rightly so – good taste does not exist, and yes, you should not be shy. Music that goes beyond the generally accepted framework of good manners, and at the same time is recorded at the highest level, is real art “, – wrote the authors of the Telegram-channel On the corner about the album.

01.Brazilian Blues
02.San Francisco
05.Pier 39
06.Monte Carlo
07.Only You
08.July Sunset

Pier 39: Music by Yerkesh Shakeyev - Album by Eilenkrig | Spotify

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