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CD review: Bud Powell – 1962 Stockholm / Oslo – 2021: Video, CD cover

I know the stuff and it´s great to hear Bud with horns, which I like most.

Brew Moore and Byas are on Rifftide, Byas plays I remember Clifford (Brew out), and so on.

It´s very interesting to listen to Bud with Brew after listening to Bud with Zoot. This is two Lester Young influenced players, and Bud has a great ability to adapt his playing to this style, he plays great as ever, but in a ….a bit more relaxed manner.

Bud with Byas was quite often, on the CBS CD in Paris (Tribute to Cannonball), on “Americans in Europe” etc etc.

Bud, as great as he is, is even greater when he can play with some good horns, like on “Blakey in Paris 1959” “Hawk in Germany 1960”, with Barney Wilen, with Clark Terry, and so on.

It´s really a pity, that on his last extended gig at Birdland in autumn 64 they didn´t make no effort to add a horn player on some occasions. Bud sometimes seemed to be bored to play so much trio music, carrying the load alone. A good trumpet, sax, trombone , and he becomes really inspired….

1. I Hear Music
2. Someone To Watch Over Me
3. Hot House
4. If You Were Here
5. Straight No Chaser

Bud Powell (piano), Thorbjorn Hultcranz(bass), Sune Spangberg(drums)
Recorded At The Golden Circle, Stockholm, March 25, 1962

6. Dance Of The Infidels
7. I Remember Clifford
8. Hot House
9. 52Nd Street Theme

Bud Powell(piano), Erik Amundsen(bass), Ole Jacob Hansen(drums)

“Bad was a genius piano player and one of the best bebop piano players.” – Miles Davis

Recorded In Oslo, November 1962

“If you choose a musician for his artistry, unparalleled originality of creation, and the grandeur of his work, it’s Bud Powell. He’s unrivaled.”- Bill Evans

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