May 23, 2024

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CD review: The Gil Evans Orchestra – Live at Fabrik Hamburg 1986 – 2022: Video, CD cover

Second release of the “Live At Fabrik Hamburg” series on JAZZLINE in cooperation with the legendary venue and NDR Kultur – the concert of GIL EVANS in 16-piece all-star line-up from 1986

By the 1980s, the repertoire of the GIL EVANS ORCHESTRA had evolved into a distinctive blend of HENDRIX tunes, the band members’ own compositions, and occasional recourse to GIL’s older recordings. The compilation for this concert in Hamburg included four songs by HENDRIX, although only one (“Up From The Skies”) was part of an original studio album.

Regular performances in Europe meant that the band’s audience was getting younger, as it was here in the factory, and was also well acquainted with rock music. One and a half years after this performance GIL EVANS passed away. Rightly he will be remembered forever for the brilliant albums he recorded together with MILES DAVIS and under his own name. In reality, however, he lived three quite contrasting musical lives.

As most recently with his Monday night concerts at New York’s Sweet Basil, this Hamburg appearance recalls GIL EVANS’ fun-loving late phase. Here a superb all-star ensemble played an outstanding concert of eight pieces in over two hours.

1. Stone Free (20:07)
2. Up From The Skies (10:16)
3. Little Wing (18:28)
4. Subway (23:53)
5. There Comes A Time & Birdland (23:33)
6. Sometimes (8:34)
7. Voodoo Chile (8:55)
8. Orgone (17:12)

Live at Fabrik Hamburg 1986: CDs & Vinyl

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