June 19, 2024


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CD review: Iwao Ochi Organ Trio – Counterflow 2022: Video, CD cover

Starting with the original of the shocking title that runs fast, Wayne Shorter’s hidden masterpiece, Burt Bacharach’s that asks the times, and the masterpiece is the funk tune of the organ legend Lonnie Smith who passed away last year.

A new work of the whole body that flows backward in the unseen pandemic era with the 21st century straight ahead organ trio sound directly from NY.

3.Jitterbug Waltz
4.The Albatross
5.Cantaloupe Woman
7.Speak Low
8.What The World Needs Now Is Love
9.Double Drip
11.Play It Back

Iwao Ochi (g),

Naoto Nishikawa (org),

Kazuaki Yokoyama (ds)

Iwao Ochi Organ Trio - COUNTERFLOW - KKBOX

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