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CD review: Espen Eriksen Trio – In the Mountains 2022: Video, CD cover

A popular concert attraction in Norway through Europe, Russia and South East Asia, the trio have constantly been asked when they will release a concert recording.

Five of the seven tracks were recorded live in concert at Oslo´s Nasjonal Jazzscene in 2018 and 2020, one at a special one-off intimate concert at Propeller Music Division in Oslo in 2020 and one in Poznan, Poland, in 2021. Six of the seven tracks are extended versions of Eriksen originals from four of the studio albums, adding instrumental vividness as well as dramatic and moving elements to the event.

The seventh is a splendid cover of Krzysztof Komeda´s iconic Rosemary´s Baby.

1. 1974 (8:42)
2. Anthem (8:17)
3. Suburban Folk Song (9:30)
4. In The Mountains (9:26)
5. Perfectly Unhappy (8:41)
6. Dancing Demons (7:41)
7. Rosemary’s Baby (8:27)

Espen Eriksen: piano;
Lars Tormod Jenset: bass;
Andreas Bye: drums;
Andy Sheppard: saxophone

In The Mountains | Espen Eriksen Trio

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