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CD review: Omar Sosa, Marialy Pacheco – Manos 2022: Video, CD cover

It is the dialogue of two highly gifted musicians, two soul mates, who play around each other, explore the possibilities of the instruments together, sometimes ecstatically, then again gathered together, giving free rein to the flow of emotions.

If the one pearls the runs from the wrist, the other sets the harmonic foundation and generates in turn with sparse electronic effects an almost hypnotic atmosphere, it is she who with discreet impulses finds the exit into the next room.

After more than 15 productions for SKIP, does Omar Sosa still have surprises in store? He does, and how! This time in a newly found format where the performing presented on two concert grands brings him on an equal footing with one of the most talented pianists on the jazz scene, the Cuban virtuoso Marialy Pacheco.

Journalist Thomas Kölsch described their concert held and recorded live at Beethovenhaus Bonn in striking words: “Fingers whir across keys, give birth to darting notes, phrasings that vie with one another, entwining melodies – music that dances.” It’s the dialog between two highly gifted artists, two kindred spirits who feint and parry, join forces to sound out the instruments’ possibilities, at times ecstatic, then reassembled to let the flow of emotions run free. While one rides with keyboard runs that pearl from the wrist, the other sets the harmonic foundation. In turn, while he uses frugally placed electronic effects to generate an almost hypnotic atmosphere, she’s the one who employs subtle impulses to find the way out into the next phonic space.

The newspaper Bonner Generalanzeiger concludes its concert review with the words: “It is a revelation what two exceptional pianists are able to achieve when they can simply let themselves go.” The sound is extraordinary, authentic and one-of-a-kind. It stokes anticipation for their upcoming concerts this year. Among the readily confirmed dates are festivals with a wealth of tradition like Jazz Baltica way up north or the Jazzfestival Aalen, yet also venues such as the Alte Sendesaal Bremen or the large Freilichtbühne open-air stage in Würselen. Eagerly awaited are the concert dates still to be added when Marialy Pacheco and Omar Sosa set their dialog forth on two concert grand pianos.

“Fingers whirring over keys, creating flying notes, phrases competing with each other, melodies entwining – music that dances.” (Thomas Kölsch)

“It is a revelation what two exceptional pianists are capable of when they can simply let themselves go.” (Bonner Generalanzeiger)

1. El Bola (Live) (12:48)
2. Low Tides (Live) (12:37)
3. Angustiado Intro (Live) (3:46)
4. Angustiado 4 Hands (Live) (10:22)
5. Metro (Live) (13:20)
6. Cambodian Smiles (Live) (12:33)
7. El Manisero (Live) (8:28)

Omar Sosa piano
Marialy Pacheco piano


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