May 28, 2024

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CD review: Terry Gibbs – Now’s the Time to Groove (Live) 2022: Video, CD cover

All the vitality and sparkle of the Terry Gibbs Dream Band is infectiously conjured up here.

Spirit is the key word: it is certain that the essence of jazz captured in Gibbs albums has everything to do with the jazz nature of the musicians involved, and their unwavering loyalty to the idea of this big band, with Gibbs, the focal point, bringing all his musical effervescence to bear on these exciting performances.

The penchant for Woody Hermans groove is apparent, and traces of Basie crop up from time to time in the clean, precise and powerful treatment of deftly written charts played with the emphasis on heat and swing. And they remain equally rewarding on all levels.

01. Little Girls (Live)
02. Tippe (Live)
03. The Austin Mood (Live)
04. No name theme (Live)
05. The beautiful people (Live)
06. Havin fun (Live)
07. Now’s the time to groove (Live)
08. That Chumley feeling (Live)

Terry Gibbs, vibraphone
Bob Cooper, tenor saxophone
Conte Candoli, trumpet
Lou Levy, piano

Terry Gibbs - Now's the Time to Groove (Live) (2022) Hi-Res

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