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Interview with Lis Wessberg: Let’s have a better world: Video

Jazz interview with a bad musician, lack of civility, as if trombonist Lis Wessberg. An interview by email in writing. 

JazzBluesNews.com: – First let’s start with where you grew up, and what got you interested in music?

Lis Wessberg: – My career as a trombonist came about quite by chance. I was about 8 years old, and
I dreamed of playing in the local harmony orchestra. When the opportunity arose, the only instrument available was the trombone. Although the choice of instrument was random, I studied assiduously for many years with inspiring teachers, and I became skilled enough at the age of 19 to be admitted to the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. Wessberg completed her education in 1991 and soon began my career as a professional jazz musician.

JBN: – How did your sound evolve over time? What did you do to find and develop your sound?

LW: – For me it is the good melody and a full, rich sound. These are the two most important elements of my performing and composing. My trombone playing resembles a singer’s voice, filled with warmth and emotion. I think I developed it by playing with some of the greatest jazz musician in Denmark and listening to a lot of fantastic musicians such as Miles Davis, David Bowie, Lee Konitz, Joe Zawinul, Ben Webster, Dexter Gordon, Chet Baker, and Mark Hollis of Talk Talk. I also toured extensively in both Denmark and abroad, often at big festivals, sharing the stage with some of the biggest stars in the music firmament, like Paulo Braga, Joyce Moreno, Kid Creole & The Coconuts and Randy Brecker, to name just a few. All this activity developed my sound.

JBN: – What practice routine or exercise have you developed to maintain and improve your current musical ability especially pertaining to rhythm?

LW: – I rehearse every day when I’m not touring. I rehearse both technically trombone stuff and a lot of improvising. I also compose a lot which develops me as a trombone player as well.

JBN: – How to prevent disparate influences from coloring what you’re doing?

LW: – I am always looking for new influences, so I am not afraid of being colored by a lot of different music.I think it’s a gift.

JBN: – How do you prepare before your performances to help you maintain both spiritual and musical stamina?

LW: – I work very intensely with the music I am going to play. Listen and play to demoes if I have the opportunity.

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JBN: – What’s the balance in music between intellect and soul?

LW: – Uhhhh – That was a hard one. For me I don’t think of it. I just play and try to not think too much. For me it’s a goal to feel the music and not think too much while playing.

JBN: – Please any memories from gigs, jams, open acts and studio sessions which you’d like to share with us?

LW: – Traveling and meeting great musicians at international festivals is always a big eksperience for me. Playing after Zawinul Syndicate in Germany some years ago was a very nice memory, just to mention one.

JBN: – How can we get young people interested in jazz when most of the standard tunes are half a century old?

LW: – By making a lot of new music inspired by the lives we all live now a days.

JBN: – John Coltrane said that music was his spirit. How do you understand the spirit and the meaning of life?

LW: – For me life is about giving and loving. Music is the most beautiful way to give other people a great and genuine experience.

JBN: – If you could change one thing in the musical world and it would become a reality, what would that be?

LW: – More curiosity and interest in new bands and music at the big international festivals.

JBN: – Who do you find yourself listening to these days?

LW: – Kenny Baron, Stan Getz, Mark Hollis, Thommy Andersson, Ben Webster and Coltrane of course – Always Coltrane 🙂

JBN: – What is the message you choose to bring through your music?

LW: – Strong melodies and a warm sound which leads to thoughtfulness. Let’s have a better world.

JBN: – Let’s take a trip with a time machine, so where and why would you really wanna go?

LW: – My dream is to play a lot around the world with my band and my music. Keep writing and recording new albums with new musicians I don’t know yet.

JBN: – I have been asking you so far, now may I have a question from yourself…

LW: – Tell me about what inspires you to do what you do. What are your thoughts about working at JazzBluesNews?

JBN: – I am the editor-in-chief and the founder of the site, I am not an employee, many journalists work for me. And Jazz is just my life, there is no life without Jazz. Unfortunately, unlike many other musicians, you did not understand the meaning and interrelationship of the questions.

JBN: – So putting that all together, how are you able to harness that now?

LW: – Just go on – Believe in what I’m working with. Compose and play a lot of beautiful concerts in Denmark and a lot of other countries.

Interview by Simon Sargsyan

She didn’t have quality old recordings, so I’m publishing of the greatest trombone player’s work.

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