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Interview with Lorenzo Nardocci: Get rich and famous: Video

Jazz interview with as if pianist Lorenzo Nardocci․ An interview by email in writing. This strange creature first answered the questions. He is a problematic person, the idiot started to write strange things, then he offered to <Just cancel my garbage>, but we, sticking to our principle, publish it.

JazzBluesNews.com: – First, let’s start out with where you grew up, and what got you interested in music.

Lorenzo Nardocci: – I feel I was always interested in music, since I was a child and heard an old tape with J.S.Bach´s organ works…that was huge! None in my family is a musician: we didn´t have either piano or record player at home, so I surely took longer time to be able to study music, or at least try to play or understand some. I told my mother I wanted to play end she helped make it possible. I´ve study classical trumpet at first and started play quite early both piano and keys in my hometown in Italy. As a 13 yrs. old I played organ at church, trumpet in conservatory and keys with a band or two. Since then, I´ve just kept during the same…

JBN: – How has your sound evolved over time? What have you been doing to find and develop your own sound?

LN: – My sound evolved specially during the first period of 2010´s studying jazz piano at Norwegian state music academy: I was able then to concentrate to piano timbre, technics issues and most of all composition. Using time to know myself as an “artist”, or as a “composer” was quite new for me, after many years being a player, a “gagster”.

JBN: – What routine practices or exercises have you developed to maintain and improve your current musical proficiency, in terms of both rhythm and harmony?

LN: – Classical technical studies as Hanon, scales, arpeggio is sure the best way to keep running up and down the keys. Playing jazz standards is also a nice and funny school. I am very curious and love to play all stiles, from classical to jazz, latin music and pop: this versatile way of working and playing gives me lots of ideas and keeps my energy alive on what I like and try to seek in my music.

JBN: – How do you keep stray, or random, musical influences from diverting you from what you’re doing?

LN: – I don´t think I need to keep stray musical influences: I work a lot teaching in a high school, playing in church and play gigs … all those experience fills my soul and mind of good vibes. In the moment I am working on my music my mind goes in another dimension: this is in another universe, and I concentrate and try to let music speaks freely without connection to all the stiles, repertoires I usually work with. Just sit and improvise without direction or strength frames helps to have fun to musical influences without necessarily follow them in their form.

JBN: – How do you prepare for your recordings and performances to help you maintain both spiritual and musical stamina.

LN: – I practice first by myself. Then I share my tunes with my fellows’ musicians (trio). We play mostly freely around the tunes…many times, until music forms on his own and tell us in which direction we should tip. This is very spiritual: the point it to be able to choose the concrete messages music gives us, keep them, write them down and use them in the next session. In this way tunes change forms sometime, maybe change function or atmosphere, but form, theme and the main sound stays, and it becomes independent and ready to be recorded and used in concerts forward.

There could be talk or advertising about your CD

JBN: – In your opinion, what’s the balance in music between intellect and soul?

LN: – I hope music is mostly soul. Intellect in music is good for school, journalists maybe, producer. I really hope people makes music, play around, travel to express themselves through music. This is a mission for the soul.

JBN: – There’s a two-way relationship between audience and artist; are you okay with delivering people the emotion they long for?

LN: – It depends on the job: when I play my music, I try to be 100% inspired and try to present my tunes in a way people can feel and understand. I hope the feel emotions. I hope people spends nice moments, but I can´t play just to achieve those feeds. I want to be free and ply what I have in my soul, or heart. As long I do it honestly and inspired, I guess people gets it. Working to please people is called commercial and it is another job. I wish I can share emotions with my albums and concerts, and I really hope people gets the emotion they long for.

JBN: – Can you share any memories from gigs, jams, open acts and studio sessions over the years?

Not memories, young man?

JBN: – How can we get young people interested in jazz when most of standard tunes are half a century old?

LN: – I think jazz is evolving with a lot of nice young artists posting thousands of beautiful and innovative music on the internet every day! Jazz is not necessarily old standards, but just a way to express yourself through music. Directly from soul, through instrument, to people´s soul. Living in Scandinavia in 20 years I´ve learned that jazz is a universal way of playing, with infinite possibilities, sounds, frames, freedom that doesn´t refer to old standards only. Young people know that and keep expressing themselves in that universe.

JBN: – John Coltrane once said that music was his spirit. How do you perceive the spirit and the meaning of life?

LN: – Off course. My life is music. I couldn’t make it without music. Harmony is the best way to explain order in the universe, in the nature. Music has a terrible power: it makes you strongly feel, be someone. It gives you identity, it makes you move. Off course it has his own spirit. Nobody can explain meaning of life because I think we are 7 billion different creatures, with as many different meanings of life…but maybe music can make us feel that we all have a soul?

JBN: – If you could change one single thing in the musical world and that would become reality, what would that be?

LN: – Eliminate Tropical House Music … hihihi

JBN: – Whom do you find yourself listening to these days?

LN: – Lage Lund, late album av Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Led Zeppelin, Nils Landgren and always my favorite Pat Metheny, Michel Petrucciani, Keith Jarrett, Yellowjackets and many more!

JBN: – What is the message you choose to bring through your music?

LN: – Be grateful. Happiness is inside us: try to be satisfied with what you have, with what you are. If you want to change something: do it! Don´t complain. Walk a lot. Run. Talk. Don´t be shy. Be active.

JBN: – Let’s take a trip with a time machine: where and why would you really want to go?

LN: – First period of 1700´in Leipzig at Saint Nicholas church attending a mass with J.S.Bach playing one og his cantatas…please!!!

JBN: – At the bottom line, what are your expectations from our interview?

LN: – Get rich and famous? Hihihi…

Interview by Simon Sargsyan

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