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CD review: Kwesi Yvorra – I’m About, Still – 2022: Video, CD cover

“I’m about, still.” effortlessly creates an afrofuturist soundscape of other-worldly synth lines and propulsive grooves that incorporates an idiosyncratic blend of the raw elements of, jazz, hip hop, funk, progrock, drum & bass and fusion which also features a plethora of incredible talent – Heidi Vogel (Cinematic Orchestra), John Robinson (Scienz Of Life, MF DOOM), Greg B (Brahmulus) and the irrepressible Joshua Idehen (Sons of Kemet).

I really appreciate the track, “Give Go Scenario” featuring the amazing Heidi Vogel on vocals. I spent almost 50 hours editing that track alone… I was obsessed with getting the right vocal feel for it! I feel that track in particular is a perfect showcase of both my approach as a songwriter and a jazz oriented musician. The musicians on the album were guys (Andre Louis on Keys, Kwesi Mcintosh on bass) who played in my live outfit at that time, (Nuvorrian), so it was natural to be in the studio and record the tracks that they featured on live. As for the rappers/ Vocalists, it was really a case of right time, right place. John Robinson, for example, is one of my all time favourite rappers. I have wanted to work with him for years! Reaching out to him seemed right,and it was justified with an incredible performance on the track,” Copastetic Movements”. The same goes for Greg B. and Joshua Idehen, who both featured on tracks on the album,- an interview with me said Kwesi Yvorra.

Amelie for being my No1 fan, pushing me to carry on and make things happen, and to my son Teo, my number 2 fan… I love you . Mum, Dad for the priceless life insights…To my band members, Giulio Jools Granchelli, Kwesi McIntosh, and Andre Louis, who I am honoured to call my friends… You helped me bring this ting to life… Adam Moses, Yvette Griffith, Lorenz Okello-Osengor, Giulio (Jools) Granchelli, Big man John Benjamin, Justin Charmer, Dave Lennon, Eddie Christmas, Tony Lee Fisher, Terry Cooke, Sheldon Agwu, Paulo Santos, Luke Brooking, Rafael Powell, Henri D Marks ( AKA The Pivotal Wizard) and Tony Fratipietro for encouraging and galvanizing words and vibes shared consistently, I have learned something important from all of you. Big shout out to Jazz Refreshed for allowing me to express myself… And a huge shoutout also to Andrew Street at Liberty Drums, Hasan Seker & Hasan Ozdemir at Bosphorus Cymbals, Jane & Colin at Jobeky Drums and Adam Keys at D’addario – Your belief in me during tough times is much appreciated, and your help and support has been invaluable.

Thanks to all those who stuck with me my during this journey, and beyond… Peace!!!

1. Disquietude
2. Copastetic Movements (Feat. John Robinson)
3. Give Go Scenario (Feat. Heidi Vogel)
4. Bun Of A Sitch (Interlude)
5. Alchemic Ascension
6. D.I.S.K.S. (Deep Intrinsic Sacred Knowledge Of Self) [Feat. Joshua Idehen]
7. TKO (Feat. Greg B)
8. Noble Way

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I'm About Still - Album by Kwesi Yvorra | Spotify

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