May 19, 2024

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Theo Croker’s recorded thoughts ․․․ Sound, Video, Photo

I want to offer condolences about your missed interview with Theo Croker. I consider it not normal because it is not according to what is proper.

The problem is that the reason is not clear. Maybe his lack of literacy was the reason why he never wrote his answers to my questions, maybe there was another problem, I don’t know.

One thing is certain, that his assistant, who was also talking to me, could not write the musician’s recording in English, she is a specialist in French.

In short, this is how our interview experience with trumpeter Theo Croker, whom I respect very much, turned out this time.

Dear thousands of readers, I ask you not to judge too harshly and listen to Theo Croker’s answers to our questions.

Theo Croker (BLK2LIFE) | NN North Sea Jazz Festival

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