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CD review: Stefano Bedetti Organ Trio – Chinese Sundays 2022: Video, CD cover

Stefano Bedetti is a self-taught musician who began to play tenor saxophone at the age of 14.

He discovered jazz listening to the records of Charlie Parker, Michael Brecker, John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Dexter Gordon, Joe Henderson, Cannonball Adderley, Hank Mobley, Sonny Stitt and all the other great cats of that era.

At the age of 19 Giulio Capiozzo (famous italian drummer, cofounder of well-known group Area) was the first to notice his talent and invite Stefano in his group.

Thanks to his generous and spontaneous way to play, to his huge sound, great technic and melodic/harmonic articulations Stefano is quickly noticed by some of the big names of the jazz music.
Over the course of his career Stefano has performed with many jazz stars including: Billy Hart, Ed Howard, Victor Lewis, George Cables, Jimmy Howens, Dave Stryker, John Riley, Tony Scott, Adam Nussbaum, John Patitucci, Antonio Sanchez and many others.

You know, like all artists, I don’t really see something good in what I do, if you know what I mean, but I must admit that the thing that satisfies me is the fact that I managed to set the mood I experienced in the last 6 years of my life to music.Usually I am considered as a muscular saxophonist, who makes a lot of notes and often “complicated” ???? but with CHINESE SUNDAYS I really wanted to do the opposite; I wanted it to be clear that I love cultured music and that I love to play my instrument at a certain level, but I also wanted to share with as many people as possible the music of this record which I think represents me perfectly in a certain way.In fact, it was born after all in a few, very emotional days, especially on 25 and 26 December 2021.Today of course I am different and I also feel different, so I am writing a lot of “different” music, also for a project that I hope will be realized soon, but I will let you know about it later. You see, also the choice of the band, intended as the choice of the instruments to be used and the musicians with whom to share this record, was quite natural for me.The organ trio formula certainly comes from a long way off.I have to my credit some records as a sideman recorded with that formula.the beautiful thing about the Hammond organ, for me magical, is that you can explore all the colors of the music, both the acoustic ones, more “classic”, and the more “modern” ones, and always with a groove that only with that instrument you can have.Yazan Greselin because in addition of being a special person for me, he is also a very prepared musician, despite being young, and when I say prepared, I say above all empathically prepared, something not taken for granted nowadays, and above all, attentive to the dynamics of these songs, which reflect my emotions, and therefore not easy to interpret and manage.Max Furian because I have known him from the days of my Milan acquaintance, playing together in the most popular clubs in the late 90s.I was in my early twenties and we were already playing together, and ever since, there has always been an incredible human and musical understanding.Max ‘is also one of the most successful drummers in Italy and beyond, he is a man of great experience, he is a musician capable of playing any genre with great mastery, so, in this case, I needed truly a master of this instrument, because as I was taught in New York, the drummer can give light to your band, or he can destroy it ???? ,- an interview with me said Stefano Bedetti.

1. Chinese Sundays
2. Bolerò
3. Just One Pitch
4. Christmas 1202
5. Custom Setup By Myself
6. Non Più Rose
7. Bouncing With Sabry
8. Wyoming Bar

Victor Lewis drum
Ed Howard bass
Stefano Bedetti saxophone

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Chinese Sundays

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