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CD review: Randy Brecker Band – Live at Fabrik Hamburg 1987 – 2022: Video, CD cover

October 18, 1987 was a very special day for the two brothers – and star jazz musicians – Michael Brecker and Randy Brecker. For years both had conquered the stages of the world together with their band The Brecker Brothers and earned the reputation of being among the world’s leading jazz musicians on their instruments, the saxophone and the trumpet. On that evening in the legendary Hamburg factory, both were on stage together for the first time, each with their own band.

‘Live at Fabrik Hamburg 1987’ features two top-class ensembles: Michael Brecker (saxophone), Mike Stern (guitar) Jeff Andrews (bass), Adam Nussbaum (drums) & Joey Calderazzo (keys) on CD1. Randy Brecker (trumpet), Bob Berg (saxophone), David Kikoski (piano), Joey Baron (drums) and for the first time at the beginning of his career Dieter Ilg (bass) on CD2. Quite simply historic concerts at a historic venue.

Randy Brecker writes about it: “These concerts were many years ago, and we both were on long Euro tours of one nighters, so I think we both tried to put on the best show we could, to outdo the other (in a good way!) Amazing to me how at that point in time we were on different paths, I’d had that band with Berg, Kikoski, Ilg and Joey Baron, for a while, acoustic, more “straight ahead” as we say, while Mike was on uncharted territory with a new band…this might have been their first Euro tour so the competition was on, at one of our favourite places to play: ‘Fabrik’ in Hamburg!…So let the games begin!”

1. No Scratch (12:43)
2. Search (8:02)
3. There’s A Mingus A Monk Us (12:39)
4. On Green Dolphin Street (8:03)
5. Forever Young (10:15)
6. Snakes (14:48)

Randy Brecker (tp)
Bob Berg (sax)
David Kikoski (p)
Joey Baron (dr)
Dieter Ilg (b)

Live at Fabrik Hamburg 1987 (Remastered) | HIGHRESAUDIO

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