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The US/EU Jazz & Blues Association (US/EU JBA): Who we are 2012 – 2023! Photo

WHO WE ARE: The US/EU Jazz & Blues Association (US/EU JBA) is a support organization for jazz and blues festival and concert organizers, jazz critics, and producers, specializing in improvisational and creative music, all styles of jazz and blues music created by American and for supporting and protecting the rights of those operating in these fields in European countries.

Since its inception in 2012, JazzBluesNews.com has become the leading Jazz and Blues platform in Europe, United States, Asia, Latin America, Australia, Afro – Eurasia.

An archive of more than 5500 + quality articles and new content published every day, our website continues to create a sustainable legacy. Our extensive, readership is passionate about music and Blues and Jazz in particular.

Every day more than 68,000 visitors log on to JazzBluesNews.com for their daily dose of jazz generating 1,000,000+ page views per month.

In addition, JazzBluesNews.com has a strong social media footprint with an post followers of over 62,000 on Facebook Jazz & Blues Group – JazzSimonBlues.

We manage a number of Twitter, LinkedIn accounts which total over 42,000 followers and our content consistently achieves over 325,000 impressions per month.

In 2022 already 88 musicians and 83 organizations are members of the organization. Festivals, concerts, clubs, website etc.

The mission of the US/EU JBA is to encourage, promote and support the development of the creative music industry in Europe and to create opportunities for artists and audiences from different countries to meet and interact.

The US/EU JBA is based on the principle that improvisational music contributes to the socialization of society and economic prosperity in the world, especially in the US and Europe. It is a valuable tool for the process of intercultural dialogue, communication and cooperation. Jazz and Blues music is a positive potential for harmony and mutual understanding between people from the diversity of cultures typical of the European family.

Members join the US/EU JBA Jazz and Blues association to:

Collaborate with other already existing US/EU JBA members.

Collect and share information with other US/EU JBA members and the wider communities of other music genres.

Create models of good professional practice.

Invest in and build US/EU JBA resources for members and the wider jazz sector.

Participate in European Union programs.

US/EU JBA member activities include programming and conducting concerts, tours and festivals; new music commissioning and financial support.

Organize award ceremonies and incentive awards, distribute letters of thanks once a quarter to the most active activities.

We organize jazz and blues festivals.

In the United States:

Worcester, Boston – Massachusetts.

In Europe:

Brussels – Belgia

Berlin – Germany.

Warsaw – Poland.

Prague – Czech.

Milan – Italy

Sofia – Bulgaria

The programs please see here:

Our US/EU Jazz-Blues Association Festivals 2023 with performances by international stars: Photos

STAFF – office at US/EU JBA

Simon Sarg Chairman of the Board

Laura Haley, Emmanuel Bolton – General Managers