May 18, 2024

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Eliana Burki brought the alphorn into the 21st century … at age 39: Video, Photos

She dusted off the alphorn and gave the instrument a new image. She was undeterred by the fact that both the jazz and folk music scenes found her too commercial.

2008 with Kurt Aeschbacher: Eliana Burki stands slightly higher on a step, her alphorn protrudes onto the stage. She only plays in a duo with drums and yet a whole band sounds.

Not traditional, but funky

To describe her style, Eliana Burki herself created the term “Funky Swiss Alphorn”. Her path was a musically independent one: in the tradition of Hans Kennel and Arkady Shilkloper, she mixed the alphorn with jazz, funk and blues.

Eliana Burki spielt das Alphorn.

Legend: Eliana Burki anchored the alphorn in funk, pop and jazz and thus coined the term “Funky Swiss Alphorn” far beyond Switzerland.

In recent years, she has had less media coverage. Most recently, she performed at the Federal Wrestling and Alpine Festival in Pratteln in the summer. Now her Labe Künstlerhafen has announced that the 39-year-old has died. The news of her death came as a surprise. It was not previously known that she had a malignant brain tumor.

Funky Swiss Alphornistin» Eliana Burki mit 39 Jahren gestorben | ZüriToday

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