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Interview with Roberta Donnay: There’s always something new to learn

Interview with singer Roberta Donnay. An interview by email in writing. After publishing the interview, she is a rude person who is incapable of writing even one thank you …

JazzBluesNews.com: – Please explain your creative process … What are your main impulses to write music?

Roberta Donnay: – Since I was a small person I’ve been interested in and learning new music.  I write music for film & television for publishers and other sources.

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JBN: – What do you personally consider to be the incisive moments and pieces in your work and/or career?

RD: – I started sang at 1989. To be able to get my music covered by other artists or used in film/TV was another layer. Each person has been instrumental in encouraging me to pursue music further.

JBN: – Are there sub-genres within the jazz field that you tend to stay away from or focus on?

RD: – I’m a singer. I can sing anything that I hear or can relate to. I don’t categorize jazz or sub-genres or even other genres. In my career, I’ve sung pop, R&B, folk, blues, country, jazz, Brazilian and Latin jazz.  I’m a fan of all music. And of course I love be-bop. I think I’m a pretty traditional singer. I tend to study the lyrics and consider myself to be a communicator and interpreter of the songs. The songs are the stars. To be able to sing them and communicate them to an audience is a gift.

JBN: – When your first desire to become involved in the music was & what do you learn about yourself from music?

RD: – I was interested in music from the get go. I performed at age 5 at my uncle’s wedding in NY.  It was a natural thing for me to want to sing and perform. Music is the only focus I had as a child besides writing poetry. Music saved my life so many times and in so many ways. Everything I learned about myself, my drive focus and ambition is all from music. I am forever grateful to other musicians who came before me who inspired me to follow in their footsteps.

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JBN: – Did your sound evolve during that time?

RD: – My sound definitely evolved during and is still evolving. Hopefully I’m becoming a better singer and performer with each performance. There’s always something new to learn. I knew that we could communicate on anything that came up, both in life and in music. It’s so important to be able to trust the musicians we work with. Some of my deepest relationships have come from this.

JBN: – How would you describe and rate the music scene you are currently living?

RD: – I don’t know how to rate the music scene, I have nothing to compare it to. I know that when I’m in New York, there’s obviously more jazz and many more venues and the inspiration is always there.  Living in San Francisco is limited as far as venues and opportunities but I living here on a daily basis is lower stress in comparison. I think stress in our society is killing people. As long as I’m touring which is the balance; it seems to be the answer for many of us artists who want to succeed in this industry.

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JBN: – Have you ever given a free concert during your entire concert career?

RD: – From the beginning of my career, I’ve done benefits and even organized benefits for different causes.
My community if very important to me.  Connecting with other musicians is a wonderful benefit in and of itself. Being part of the music community in general is a great gift I am grateful for.

Interview by Simon Sarg

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