June 25, 2024


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There are also ostriches in the field of wonderful music like jazz – Thorsten Klentze of the Jannotta Klentze Project

Did you know, dear readers, that there are also ostriches in the field of wonderful music like jazz, and what kind of ostrich – deceiver – a vile creature who manages to deceive a female jazz expert, editor, journalist.

He grew up in Ahrensburg, a small town, north of Hamburg, Germany. He was probably taught from childhood to pretend to be poor, to make a fool of himself, to be a silly clown and to lie as much as possible. Perhaps, along with his mother’s milk, lies entered his veins and matured him, aged him as a vile creature.

Finally, I will not abuse your patience and give the name of this pitiful person, he is depicted in the photo, probably from a psychiatric hospital. And so his name is Thorsten Klentze, the so-called guitarist of the Jannotta Klentze Project, who bears the same mean surname. We will definitely find this, we have already filed a complaint with the appropriate authorities in Germany and we have raised up our circle of acquaintances and friends in Hamburg, and I will spit in the face of this personally.

The detailed reference will be next, but in such a way that it does not even suddenly generate the name of such a worm. I will also write his obituary and define him both as a musician and as a non-human species.

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