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CD review: Quintet West – Waiting – 2023: Video, CD cover

The album “Waiting” by Quintet West is a captivating jazz release that was released by Jazzsick Records. With its mesmerizing melodies and exceptional musicianship, this album is sure to delight any jazz enthusiast.

Featuring a lineup of talented musicians, including saxophonist David Murray, pianist John Hicks, bassist Ray Drummond, drummer Ed Blackwell, and vibraphonist Steve Nelson, Quintet West delivers a stunning performance on “Waiting.” Each musician brings their unique style and expertise to the table, resulting in a cohesive and dynamic sound.

The album consists of nine tracks that showcase the group’s versatility and creativity. From energetic and upbeat tunes to soulful ballads, “Waiting” offers a diverse range of musical experiences. The compositions are rich with intricate harmonies and engaging rhythms, keeping listeners engaged from start to finish.

One standout track on the album is the title track “Waiting.” This hauntingly beautiful piece features Murray’s expressive saxophone playing accompanied by Nelson’s delicate vibraphone melodies. The combination creates an enchanting atmosphere that transports listeners to another world.

Another highlight of the album is the track “Blues for David,” which showcases the band’s ability to groove. With its infectious rhythm and lively solos, this track is guaranteed to get your foot tapping.

Overall, “Waiting” by Quintet West is a must-have for any jazz collection. Its masterful performances and captivating compositions make it a truly memorable listening experience. Whether you’re a longtime fan of jazz or new to the genre, this album is sure to leave a lasting impression.

01 Harum Scarum (5:38)
02 Minou (5:49)
03 November Bop (7:15)
04 Valheim (4:24)
05 Waiting (6:30)
06 May Rain (8:58)
07 Jenseits der Zeit (4:19)
08 Der Hund kann sprechen (5:58)
09 Skagen (6:06)

David Murray – saxophone
John Hicks – piano
Ray Drummond – bass
Ed Blackwell – drums
Steve Nelson – vibraphone


Quintet West - Waiting (2023) Hi-Res

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