June 15, 2024


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Herak & Bulatkin Jazz Quartet from the Czech at Tbilisi Jazz Festival 2024: Video, Photos

The 27th year Tbilisi Jazz Festival is the most significant and the most luxurious in the Caucasus. This year it was held on May 22 – 24, 2024, in the center of Tbilisi, on the stage of the Rustaveli Academic Theater, in a historical and beautiful hall.

In general, as every year, the Tbilisi Jazz Festival emphasizes and stands out with the fireworks of jazz legends. This year was no exception. Bill Frisell – Thomas Morgan, Rudy Royston Trio, Joey Calderazzo – John Patitucci – Dave Weckle Trio and Stacey Kent – Jim Tomlinson – Art Hirahara Trio.

This year’s festival line up is truly stunning, so we are sure that for the audience, it will be another breathtaking journey into the world of incredible creativity and improvisation. So special about jazz music is the public education it shares, not necessarily through words, but through sounds. I believe it is very important to get the audience familiar with not only modern tendencies of today’s international musical industry, but to share with the audience the philosophy of jazz – freedom, solidarity, equality and dialogue between people despite any differences. The Tbilisi Jazz festival brings a positive international image for Georgia, making it attractive for tourists and investors, while also showing the world that the country is safe and technologically advanced enough to hold events of such a high nature. ,- interview with us said Mikheil Giorgadze.

Հնարավոր է սա 3 մարդ and ակորդեոն նկարն է

In addition, the Czech Embassy in Georgia presented the Herak & Bulatkin Jazz Quartet from the Czech Republic as the opening act of the festival. The third year that Czech music has been featured in the festival lineup. However, it is extra special because the performing group, the Herak/Bulatkin Quartet, will be doing so as a part of the Year of Czech Music.

The Quartet, led by Dutch vibraphonist of Czechoslovak descent Miro Herak and Czech pianist Daniel Bulatkin, Johannes Fend – bass, Martin Hafizi – drums.

They made an interesting playlist, among which, in order to attract and like the Georgian audience, they also performed the song Tbilisabo in their performance and enjoyed the enthusiastic applause.

Հնարավոր է սա 8 մարդ, դաշնամուր and տեքստ նկարն է

Herak/Bulatkin Quartet – an electrifying convergence of four distinct musical voices thriving in the vibrant Dutch music scene.

Co-led by the prodigious young talent, Daniel Bulatkin, at the helm of the piano and keys, this quartet weaves a tapestry of musical innovation. Joined by the formidable and inventive rhythm section featuring Johannes Fend on bass and the dynamic Martin Hafizi on drums, the Herak/Bulatkin Quartet promises an unparalleled musical journey.

The Herak/Bulatkin Quartet draws inspiration from a diverse array of influences, with original compositions reflecting their deep connection to Slavic heritage and Central-Eastern European folk music. This cultural fusion extends into the realms of improvised music, contemporary compositions, and the ever-evolving language of jazz.

The quartet’s repertoire is a celebration of rhythmic freedom and seamless interaction, creating a sonic landscape that is both rich and dynamic. Their performances are an invitation to explore the intersections of tradition and innovation, where each note tells a story deeply rooted in heritage yet boldly embracing the future.

Bursíková noted the group is influenced by Slavic and Gypsy folk music, while also incorporating classical music and rhythms from the Balkan area. The quartet uses various rhythms created by a vibraphone, light electronics, and extended techniques on the double bass.

By Simon Sargsyan


Հնարավոր է սա 8 մարդ, ակորդեոն, ջութակ and տեքստ նկարն է

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