May 22, 2024

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Snorre Kirk ‎- Drummer & Composer 2017: Video

The face of the leader (in the end, seriously) could have suggested quite the serious music content of this compact. Meanwhile, as his title suggests, a Norwegian drummer living in Denmark wrote and arranged nine extremely melodic compositions that make up a sort of suite.

The author of “Drummer & Composer” has stylistically styled the best models of a half-century-old jazz age. Kirk’s compositions are so original that they are hard to attribute to specific patterns, but they can be traced back to the wide array of orchestral colors that surround Duke Ellington and Charlie Mingus.

Snorre Kirk finds inspiration in jazz tradition, but does not use ready-made elements. They have appreciated the critics by awarding the prizes to his two previous albums. We have saxophone, alto and tenor, kornecist, trombonist, pianist, double bassist and drummer.

Snorre Kirk carefully picked up a band of Scandinavian musicians who showed off the best in both sections and in stylish solo shows. Interestingly, the drumming of the leader does not play a leading role (no solo performance), and effectively arranges the rhythmic backing. It’s the joy of listening.

1 Prelude 1:27
2 Heartland 3:22
3 The Main Drag 4:14
4 Pastorale 8:01
5 Port Lights 4:16
6 The Capital Blues 4:13
7 Grace 6:04
8 Swing City Blowout 7:29
9 Postlude 1:42

Drums – Snorre Kirk
Cornet – Tobias Wiklund
Trombone – Magnus Wiklund
Alto Sax, Clarinet – Klas Lindquist
Tenor Sax – Jan Harbeck
Piano – Magnus Hjorth
Bass – Lasse Mørck

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