July 21, 2024


Website about Jazz and Blues

Our Team

Chairman of the Board of Media Holding, founder of the site – Mr. Simon Sarg – US – Boston

Editor in chief: madame Elléa BeauchêneEU Paris – France;

Email address: JazzBluesNewsWebsite@gmail.com

For information about advertising in the website or other platforms, contact Mr. Emmanuel Bolton EU Brussels – Belgium

at JazzBluesNews.Space@gmail.com


Thaomas Eldier – USA

Marcus Hedlerberg – UK

Austin Margus – Australia

Mark Olivia – Czech Republic

Mila Octobay – Sweden

Samsun Rodetti – Italy

Worclaw Chsasek – Poland

Oddny Ragna – Finland

Erik Jamedosever – Netherlands

Jenoffer Shultz – Germany

Gayane Silverber – Spain

Dan Garbareck – Norway

Elléa Beauchêne – France

Emmanuel Bolton – Belgium

David Bush – USA

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