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Gabriele Orsi loves to play in small bands, playing especially his own compositions: Video

30.11. – Happy Birthday !!! At first, Gabriele Orsi played guitar in many rock bands but starting from 1993 he turned to Jazz. At that time, he attended Berklee summer school in Perugia during Umbria Jazz Festival.

From then on, Gabriele Orsi loves to play in small bands, playing especially his own compositions together with some traditional jazz excerpts which he is always readapting to his style. Nevertheless he attends also big bands and jazz orchestra ( Swing Time Big Band, Flight Band …)

He is coleader of some bands playing jazz, fusion and funk: “Freedom jazz trio”, “Silver jazz band” “ Fluxus Quartet”. Gabriele cooperated and performing with big music players as well as Biagio Coppa, Eleonora D’Ettole, Marco Castiglioni, Silvano Borzacchiello. Riccardo Di Paola, Silvano Serighelli, Carmen Staaf, Santino Carcano, Francesco Di Lenge, Maurizio Signorino, Daniele Petrosillo, Beppe Caruso, Rosalyn Robinson, Attilio Zanchi, Valerio Della Fonte, Joey De Francesco, John Patitucci and many others.

He had a training period with Jerry Bergonzi John Stowell, Joe Diorio, Steve Lacy, Jeff Richman, Ralph Alessi, David Friesen, Marc Ducret, Gino Robeir, John Riley e Bobby Previte.

In 2004, Gabriele Orsi and the saxophonist Maurizio Signorino constituted the project “Fluxus Quartet”, looking for a modern quality jazz which might be listened and understood also by “outsiders”. The band is composed by Gabriele, Maurizio and Santino Carcano (double bass) e Francesco Di Lenge (drums).

In 2006 Gabriele set up his own quartet together with Fulvio Ferrari (piano), Daniele Petrosillo (double bass) e Francesco Di Lenge (drums); finally, in 2007 this quarted published an audio CD “Mr. T.” (Music Center) in which Joey De Francesco is the guest star.

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