June 14, 2024


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Renaud Détruit & Florent Sepchat – Fines Lames 2017: Video

An album of rare in terms of the sounds of jazz, a true dialogue between these two polyphonic instruments, the accordion and the marimba, a real complicity between the two instrumentalists, musicians and arrangers of talent that we have immediately knew how to make us vibrate.

Let yourself be carried away by these good vibrations and a real ground swell, the meaning of which is deeper than the finesse of the melodies.

There is Béla Bartók : “Mikrokosmos”, Bill Evans : “véry’s ” Early” Eddy Louis “Blood mixed” an original composer Pablo Pico in tribute to Ryuichi Sakamoto, the composer of Bos of films such as The Last Emperor.

But also a composition of the trumpeter, who rises… Airelle Besson that we have already passed in our emission Colors of Jazz, from Art District Radio.

1 Vasco 04:13
2 Reflets d’influences 1 06:36
3 Avec un peu de ça 03:24
4 Pouki Pouki 04:46
5 Mikrokosmos no. 116 02:56
6 Mikrokosmos no. 153 04:28
7 Very early 03:30
8 Sang Mêlé 05:46
9 Reflets d’influences 2 05:22
10 Nuit rouge 04:59

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Renaud Détruit – Marimba / Vibraphone
Florent Sepchat – accordéon

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