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Jan Magne Forde – Mezzing 2017: Video

It is a great pleasure for Molde to present trumpeter and composer Jan Magne Førde with a concert in the Molde Cathedral 22. July 2017. Brought in over 35 years has been the jazz musician and composer based in Trondheim, norway. He is best known as the trumpeter in The Brazz Brothers, an ensemble that has toured and played over 4,000 concerts in 34 countries. Førdes trumpet and flugelhornspill have a clear identity. He is sought after as a soloist both in professional ensembles and in concert with choirs and bands.

Besides four own solo albums and 21 releases with The Brazz Brothers, he has contributed on over 50 albuminnspillinger with other artists. Most of the musicians and singers in Norway has performed one or more compositions by Jan Magne Førde. Førdes music is often inspired by Norwegian traditional music, but in essence is roots from jazz and rhythmic music.

The project Mezzing was urframført in nidaros cathedral in trondheim during the Trondheim Jazzfest in 2016. The public and the press hailed the concert as one of the festival’s highlight and phrases such as “majestic” and “magical” characterized the headlines. While the Ila Brass Band was crucial to the performance in Trondheim, so it fell natural to choose Molde Brass Band when the work should be set up in Molde. Molde Brass Band is one of the country’s best and has been in the elitedivisjonen among the Brass Bands, and in thirteen of the thirty years the band has existed.

In addition to Molde Brass Band has Brought has put together a very exciting ensemble for the occasion with, among others, Henning Sommerro that no later than in 2016 helped to fill Molde Domkirka three times with kjempesuksessen Skruk & Vårsøg with Sondre Bratland. Jan Magne Førdes Mezzing can quickly become a new success, but it will not be put up ekstrakonserter then this is the festival avslutningskonsert.

  1. The Beginning
  2. Domen
  3. Seterslått
  4. Folkevise
  5. Lur Lokk
  6. Seven Days
  7. Sula Reel
  8. Endless

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Roger Ludvigsen – gitar, Kenneth Ekornes – trommer/perkusjon, Henning Sommerro – piano og kirkeorgel, Rus Pearson – kontrabass, Molde Brass Band – dirigent Jens Kristian Mordal.

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