May 24, 2024

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Scott Hamilton Trio – Live At Pyatt Hall 2018: Free download & Video

Tenor man Scott Hamilton and pianist Rossano Sportiello have a rare and special musical bond, on full display in this live set at Vancouver’s Pyatt Hall.

With the remarkably sensitive bassist J.J. Shakur as their anchor, Hamilton and Sportiello spin a whimsical set of standards, obscure gems, and Italian crowd pleasers. Their carefully selected program shines with wit and charm throughout.

  1. Tangerine (feat. Rossano Sportiello) 06:06
  2. Estate (feat. Rossano Sportiello) 08:14
  3. Three Little Words (feat. Rossano Sportiello) 09:33
  4. Darn That Dream (feat. Rossano Sportiello) .04:40
  5. You Do Something To Me (feat. Rossano Sportiello) 07:30
  6. Black Orpheus (feat. Rossano Sportiello) 07:54
  7. Just As Though You Were Here (feat. Rossano Sportiello) 03:36
  8. Old Fashioned Love (feat. Rossano Sportello) 08:48
  9. Torna A Surriento (feat. Rossano Sportello) 10:43
  10. Nel Blu Dipinto di Blue (feat. Rossano Sportello) 06:46

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